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Whe I open my system preferences> then Network I keep getting Administrator request to install this Ethernet driver. It contnues to install and I think it is related to  my 3G data stick which is USB. How can I determine where this driver is orignating so I can terminate the attempted installs?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Can you search Spotlight for the exact name?

    Is there an installer on the Data stick?


    I believe most of applications use Apples installer, at least the ones I have looked at, so you need to find where the file is being accessed from.

    Being not of the Terminal geek knowledge, and kind of a long way around but,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor, select Windowed Processes then you should see the installer listed, select Inspect then Open FIles and Ports, and it should show about the fifth line under Volumes/_name_.....?


    Sorry I can't help more.....

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    The process running when I open Network Icon is the "system preferences".The console reports "a second copy of the huewai mobile connect-3g MODEM is installed at /Lbrary/Modemscripts/huewei mobile connect - 3g MODEM".I could not find mbbethernet in finder nor spolight.

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    Do you want this huewei mobile connect stuff?  If not see if any or all the following files are present and remove them.  See if removing these clears the problem:





    /Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem


    /System/Library/Modem Scripts/HUAWEI Mobile.ccl


    If any of these are found, move to trash but don't empty the trash (probably can't anyhow if the kexts are active), and reboot.  The reboot should take longer than usual if the kexts' are removed.

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    Did you install this voluntarily the first time? Does it have an UNinstaller?

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    I had to do a bunch of google searches to find what I think is huewei mobile connect for OSX.  What I found was at this link.  I downloaded all that stuff there and analyzed it (that's beyond the scope of this discussion and not pertinent to it either).  It was that analysis that was the basis of my post of what to remove.  I wouldn't have posted all that if that stuff I downloaded had an uninstaller.  There is none.  Or if there is it is probably as hard to find as it was to find the stuff I downloaded in the first place!

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    Yeah... it wasn't aimed toward you X423424X, I just had a spare idea left over, thought i'd get rid of it.


    And yeah I was wondering how you got all that, I was going to say what a heck of a coincidence having the same thing!


    It does seem strange opening the Network pane and the installer comes up, Windows yeah, but that's the first time I've heard it on a Mac.

    Kinda wonder if it only comes up when the OP has the data stick inserted or anytime.

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    I should add that when I went thorough that code I did not, repeat not, find any references to the string "mbbethernet".  I knew there was a slim chance I would but it was worth a shot.  The bottom line here is I am only assuming that this stuff as the side effect of causing the OP's problem.  But there is no guarantee that removing this code will work until it is tried.  And if the problem still persists, well at least this stuff will have been eliminated from the possible suspects.

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    @macfrombramton, Is this anything like your instructions that came with the drive?

    A quote form the online guide instructions:


    8.  You may see a window with A new network interface has been detected. ClickNetwork Preferences…

    Check that HUAWEI Modem, HUAWEI Mobile, or MBBEthernet appears in the left panel, then close the Network Preferences window.

    At the bottom of the page is a _contact our Support Team_ link you might try asking how to disable the installer?

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    The device has no instructions. I purchased the 3g data stick from Wind mobile. It plugs into the USB port of my Mac and self installs. I use it for internet access and have tried reinstalling removing and reinstalling the application. I am suspecting it is being pushed by the vendor as the mbbethernet driver is an Ethernet driver and is not associated with the operation of the Wind 3g stick/

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    I noticed it occurs from reboot. Putting the mbbethernet trying to put the network driver into my network configuration.

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    If you disconnect then reconnect the stick after you get the warning window does it show up again or just every re-boot.?


    I'm guessing with no way to pick and chose what you can install or not install the installer will keep asking until the driver get's installed, good or bad.

    With a self installer on the USB stick your hands are tied unless it shows up as a "Data" drive on the desktop where you can delete the installer.


    Do you have to "pick" the USB stick in the "Network Preferences"? Can you just make a "Location" and chose it from the Apple Menu? Or does it do it that way also?

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    My concern is that the Wind mobile data stick tries to install eve n though it is denied. The data stick has no problems without this mbbethernet and also I cannot find any infomration on this mbbethernet even Wind does not know