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    Thanks cheonweb, this worked for me!

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    Hi all,

    Same problem here. Went from iPhone 4 to 5, first put back a back-up and then setup iCloud. All was looking fine. COuld see my appointments on as well. After that, I changed a recurring appointment on my phone, and then it was the only appointment left! (Except for the birthdays from contacts) . Went to, and it was nicely synced : it was empty as well, except for the updated recurring appointment...

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    I'm having same problem. So frustrating. After left knee replacement I am using my calendar to schedule when to take pain meds. Worked for awhile then started disappearing. Now I have second knee replaced three months later and the entries have started disappearing again. This is crucial that I keep track of the pain meds so I don't over medicate. I guess I need to go back to old fashion way of writing it down in paper. I especially don't like birthdays disappearing.

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    I'm so frustrated with this!  The husband and I are trying to have a baby so I've been tracking my cycle. That is the ONLY event that keeps disappearing!  It vanished from my iPhone and my MacBook so I went to my iPad and saw it there, then "POOF" gone right before my eyes!  So, I tried to re-enter it and it kept deleting it!  I tried using different words, I tried using a different calendar "color", nothing.

    My class schedule, and different appointments, both past and future are there, but not this specific event. So frustrating!

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    I too am experiencing this problem with all events deleted from my phone (it had already deleted all my music when the update for the 5 version came out) - I know no one else has access to enable these events to be deleted from my phone and the icing on the cake is my automatic backup with icloud was last done after the calendar events were deleted so I am unable to retrieve any of them!!!! So not buying anymore apple products - over all the hassle and drama

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    Same thing just happened to me last night when I was entering an event.  I played around with the settings within calendar and found that my calendar was on Hidden.  So when you're in Calendar, click on the top left CALENDARS and be sure there is a check mark next to your calendar, if not, click on the Show All Calendars at the top.  Once I did that, all my events showed up.  Go figure. Don't know if this will help everybody, but it helped me.

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    same thing happened to me but i noticed something that fixed it (for me at least) i turned on the icloud backup and poof all my dates r back apparently my "work" dates are stored in the icloud backup and not my phone , idk if its cause of something i did or because thats the way it works... either way , problem fixed (for now)


    hope this helps


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    Hey y'all.


    My dads calendar recently hit the fan too.  I was able to disable the iCloud settings that sync his calendars, then turned it back on and his events returned to view.  I'm guessing its a face value glitch that hides the events from being displayed (though they are still actually stored somewhere on the device)


    I hope this helps.

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    I have seen the same comments over the last year. But, we hear nothing from Apple, or can anyone find out how to fix it. If you have guessed, yea I too am very frustrated at this common problem. If it doesn't get fixed by the time my contract is up, I will change phones. Step it up Apple, or you might find the same demise as Nokia.

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    You will find it in your settings, it appears the default setting is for 2 weeks past events:



    Mail, Contacts, Calenders

       (Go to Calendars section)



    There you can set to 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or All


    There you go, problem solved.

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    Ok skrew this, im having my calender events deleted more than a year but now im fed up. Anyone can suggest some alternative, reliable app for calender duties?

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    I want to throw this iphone5...My future calender events are getting deleted. Dont know why they have complicated a simple calender thing. I just dont need any icloud etc, just want to save my events in calender..Is it too complex for Apple. If this problem doesnt get resolved, I will throw this phone away and go for a samsung

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    not being that techo advanced, i thought it was just me forgeting to set my appointments correctly, however when I tried this search, i found the appointments were still there and then they all just reappeared into my calender.  Thanks for your suggestion cheonweb.  Now I know I'm not that stupid.  LOL

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    You 're welcome.

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    Thanks cheonweb, I tried searching for an event  on the search screen and it came up. When I touched it and it opened in the calendar all my events were there in the calendar again!!   Thanks!