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    Glad to help you.

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    I just tried to reset the sync time to "all events"--we'll see if that works.  My calendar goes blank after about an hour.  I can retrieve my events if I just make another appointment. What I have started to do in order to view my calendar events is: add an event, type a letter, hit 'done" and voila, I get my events for about an hour before they diappear again and I have to repeat the same stupid thing. It is very frustrating and this all started when I synced to icloud.  I am now using my Galaxy Tablet for my calendar with minimal problems.

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    This has happened to me. Now resolved. Click settings, then mail,contact, calendars, then scroll down to sync and alter time frame to suit: I chose all events, which reinstalled everything back in to my calendar! Happy again.

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    I just went to add an event to my calendar and EVERYTHING I had in it is GONE. I have no clue as to what I did or did not do. Past events and future...Please can someone help.  I have tried pretty much everything here that has been suggested.  I am on an iphone4s

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    I did this but am still missing all events from dates prior to today..


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    Thanks Dillywanda I've change the sync settings and all previous calendar events have re- appeared!

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    I have tried everything these kind folks have discussed. To list them, I have: held down home and lock bottons to restart/reset iphone 4. I have added test events on the same days I have missing events to see if the missing events "pop up randomly". I have changed the sync timeframe in the calender settings to "all events". Nothing has made my missing events show up.


    I am missing all the events for the past two weeks (first two weeks of august) and future events (unknown to what extent) as well. Whats wierd is that an event I made yesterday is there, but the rest of the week is gone. I need a calender because this is how I keep track of my work hours for my small business. Right now Im thinking of downloanding a seperate Calender app and leaving iphones app behind, for good.


    Any additional help would be great, and APPLE, Feel free to chime in, its your application that is failing me at the moment. I have been a Mac and iphone user since, well, since the beginning.



    I noticed this after I changed the email address for my iCloud account. I dont know if that is the cause, because in theory I have events that I added with the old address that still appear in my calender.

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    This happened to me and I tried all of the suggestions that you had as well. What DID work for me was to go into SETTINGS then MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDAR then scroll all the way down to SHARED CALENDAR ALERTS and switch to OFF. I was able to get all my past and future appointments this way. I'm thinking that when the phone would sync with my husband's phone (that doesn't have any appointments) it would "erase" mine. I hope this helps. All the best.

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    Sitting at Apple store in Dallas, Tx right now for the same stupid problem.  I'll see what they say.  All future calendar invites from my work email have magically disappeared!  I thought it was maybe cause my company makes me change my password every 90 days.  However, on my other iphone I deleted the password - entered in calendar invites, re-entered my correct password and everything is still there.  ***?! is going on?!   Seriously can Franklin Covey make the new iCalendar app?  I mean my Treo never had issues!!!! 

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    Okay I am having the same problem with my device. But if you do need to recover your events, go to The calendar there is keeping all my updates even when they disappear right before my eyes. Just a thought.

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    My husband had all of his calendar events disappear and we could not figure out how it happened. I was able to get them back by going in to the calendar, click on the upper left hand corner where it says "Calendars", then check 'All on my iPhone". Everything came back. This may be helpful to some.

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    Thanks heaps! I did that and all my calendar came back

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    This happened to me while on ski vacation.  In addition, I could not even add anything to the calendar, as the + sign seemed to be disabled.  I thought and tried a few of the things on these last pages, but to no avail.  What did work:   I had the phone connected to the local wifi of the hotel, when the calendar disappeared, so I just logged off of the local wifi, and my claendar reappeared with all of the previous entries, and lo and behold, I could now add to the calendar again

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    I have had this happen to me several times and I realized my latest error was completely human. Try Calendar App> Calendars and then when you get there make sure the calendars you want to see have a check mark in front of them. I don't know how mine became unchecked but this is what helped me.

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    I was frustrated and having the same problem. I swiped down on the iphone home screen. It brought up the search bar. I typed in a random event that was missing on my calendar. It brought it up. I clicked on it and it took me back to the calendar where the event was listed. Somehow, it brought back all of my "unseen" events. Apparently, they seem to all still be there.