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When My time capsule starts backing up it will cause my word documents to crash, and then freeze the computer. I then have to switch it off and restart. Does anyone have any solutions to offer. I have not been able to use the TC for back-up because of this problem

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    It is possible the Word Document file once opened in Word is then being seen by Time Machine (Time Capsule is hardware and irrelevant), as a file to copy but file lock is not working correctly.. I suggest you setup Word to store files in a separate directory under documents and then exclude it from TM backup.. Once you complete a document you can copy it to the main documents directory.

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    My word files are all stored in the documents folder and I want them backed up by TM, so am not sure how this can happen if I exclude them from backup?

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    You might have no choice.. the issue is not uncommon.


    Do you have the latest version of word/office? All the updates.


    Google for the issue .. there are a number of people posting but the solutions may not be helpful.. ie it is Lion that is the cause of so many things..go back to SL.. may not be helpful.


    As I said you exclude a document in a secondary directory until completed.. in the meantime you can save the document in documents directory.. but close it each time you saveas.. then the file is closed.




    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2011-macword/after-i-upgra ded-to-lion-word-keeps-crashing/f0998083-cc0a-4b33-ae36-1fbdabed5bbb?msgId=ccda1 eeb-1a06-49b9-8572-b1477dad0a37


    I am presuming you are using OSX version and not running parallels to windows version??

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    Thanks for the suggestion, I will give it a go. Meantime I have closed all documents and taken off the sleep function, and set the TM running. (I have only just updated to Lion, so it's not a new problem) However, the TM seems to be on an endless loop "cleaning up all data". I only have 626.33 of data,  and this has taken one hour so far. How long should this process take?

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    Just an incremental backup should not take very long at all.. it sounds like the disk is corrupted.. try doing a disk verify.




    But a recent update to lion.. you might need to start the TM all over again with a fresh start.. lion causes no end of issues when you do an update.


    You can also do reset of TM and see if it helps.. See A4 in the same KB articles.

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    I followed the instructions on the website you directed me to and used A4 to repair the TM (HD disk not corrupted) and this was completed successfully.  However, when I then tried to back-up, a message came up saying


    Time Machine could not complete the backup.


    The backup disk image “/Volumes/xxxxx/sparsebundle” is already in use.


    I tried to exclue this sparse bundle from the back-up, but it was greyed out and I couldn't do it. The sparse bundle has my partner's name on it -- but he doesn't use this TM to back-up -- he has an external HD of his own.


    Any thoughts?

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    Your computer should do its own backup and own sparsebundle..


    If he is using a different disk, I suggest.. unless there is something you need to restore, erase the drive and start again.

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    I deleted the sparsebundle, updated the firmware on my TC to 7.6.1 and reset my TM, following the instructions on the site http://pondini.org/TM/Troubleshooting.html and carrying out the instructions on A4, A5 and C12.


    I think tried to do my backup again, but alas, it would not progress from "preparing for back-up" and after 45 minutes, when I checked the little swirling color wheel was preventing anything from being accessed and I could not even stop the TM, or do a 'force quite'. Nothing on the computer was responding. I had to turn it off.


    I don't know where to go from here. This was also a problem with TM before I upgraded to Lion and I have not been able to back-up since November 2011.

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    Ok, the issue is rather different to where you started out.. this has nothing to do with WORD then.


    Are you using parallels or something as that should be excluded??


    I also am not sure where to go next.. I would do a backup using something more trustworthy than TM.. ie Carbon Copy Cloner.. so you can be sure you do actually have a backup.


    Then you might do better reinstalling Lion from scratch. Issues tend to get worse rather than better if you already had something broken before installing Lion.

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    Yes, I agree, it has to do with TM which seems to crash anything that's open, including itself!


    I have excluded '/Applications', '/Library', and 'Systems files and Applications' from the back-up, since I really only wanted my Documents backed up.


    I do not know what parallels are.


    I think I will investigate Carbon Copy Cloner.