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I use Exchange 2007 at work with Outlook 2010.  I also use my iPad to connect to my company Outlook Web Access.  On the iPad I am able to mark a message as flagged.  I use the flag on a message to indicate that there's some action that I need to take on the email.  After I skim my inbox and flag all the emails with actionable items in them I go to my smart folder in Outlook which shows only my flagged messages so I can focus on those with actionable items.  I noticed on IOS Mail there does not seem to be such smart folders and there seems to be no way to view only messages which are flagged.


Can someone please explain how to do this on the iPad.  It is very important to me.  In fact, it's so important, that I would switch to Windows Phone platform just to have this one feature.



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2
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