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I noticed that I have duplicates songs on the iPad but not on iTunes on my PC. I even sleected not to sync music and synced my iPad with iTunes. To my surprise I still have 33 songs left on my iPad after the sync. I then selected the sync music again and I still have the same duplicates. Any idea how I can delete the songs from the iPad? I'm running the latest OS on the iPad.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    IN list view - in the music app - swipe across the song and a red delete button will pop up. You can tap and hold down on an album icon in order the get the X to delete button.

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    Thank you very much. I could not find that information anywhere. I was able to delete all the duplicates from my iPad.

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    Any way to just wipe off everything  in itunes on iPad and just resync with what's on the Computer?

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    I have the same problem as above. I turned off icloud and stopped automatic downloads. I deleted all music from my ipad but it still left the new tracks I downloaded yesterday with duplicates. They won't play or delete even by swipping or deleting all music. They look slightly different too, they have a circle with a square in the middle at the end of each track (like a stop playing symbol). If I sync the tracks I can delete the ones which play but not the duplicates. it's driving me mad!!!


    Any suggestions?


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    Good question and, Yes.  This is known as the "no grumbling" solution.


    You can go to: Settings/General/Usage/Music/All Music/ slide that to the left to reveal the delete button.  This will delete all your iTunes music on your iPad.


    Then, with the lightning cable connected to my main computer, the synch rate was about one second per song.  This was faster than my manually locating duplicates and deleting them.

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    Hi Cregil


    Your solution was really neat and straightforward. Somewhere while syncing my iPad I must have synced from iCloud as well as iTunes. Deleting everything your way, and then syncing again with iTunes, did the job perfectly well.

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    To do this you open iTunes and click on the music folder and select on Display Duplicates Hold down the control button as you click on the songs you would like to delete. Click on the delete key to remove the duplicate songs on iPad.