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I have an iPhone 3g, using Net10 prepaid. I was successful in getting my apn set up via iPhone configuration utilty. However, I still can't send MMS. I have the info that I need from Net10. Is there a way to configure using the ICU? The phone is not unlocked. Net10 offer sim cards that work with att compatible phones. Anyone know the answer to this?

iPhone 3G, iOS 3.1.3
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    Since Net10 is NOT a supported carrier for the iPhone, you might not ever get MMS to work, just like trying to use T-Mobile in the US. 


    In any case, since Net10 is NOT a supported carrier, you'll need to get information from them, not from this Apple forum.

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    You sound kinda angry that I'm not using AT&T. I HAVE the info I need from Net10. I need to know how I can access the fields in the phone to enter that information. I bought it. I fulfilled my contract with AT&T. I own the device and should be able to use it however I want. This phone not jailbroken so it is obviously compatible. Every feature works accept MMS. Thank you.

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    I personally could care less what carrier you use.  What I'm telling you is that Net10 is NOT a supported carrier so all features may not work on your iPhone.  In addition, your phone is locked to AT&T and AT&T will NOT unlock the phone.  That's why you can't access or change some of your settings.

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    You're going to have to take it up with NET10. There is no indication on their web site that thier SIMs will work with iPhones at all. They claim their SIM will work with an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible phone. They never actually make any claims that a phone locked to AT&T will work properly.


    Take it up with them.  You can NOT change those settings on a locked iPhone. If you really want to use an iPhone with them, you'll have to purchase a legitimately unlocked phone.

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    I'm sorry. It's just that response seemed like an Apple respose discouraging me from using the phone as I see fit. My apologies.




    Thanks for the info. That's what I was guessing and all I was really trying to find out. I guess I could have posed the question a little better.


    Thank you both.

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    GDG Mac Guy/Kilted Tim-


    Hoping you can help me. 


    Like our man Tony Tate who posed the original question, I also recently switched to Net10, but I'm using a factory-unlocked iPhone 3GS (i.e, an iPhone I purchased the Apple Store UNLOCKED without a carrier plan/contract). 


    I just switched over to Net10 from AT&T to save money.  My phone/voicemail works, my web works, and my text-only MMS works.  However, I can't send MMS picture messages, and so I'm trying to get that to work.


    I think the problem is I need to change my MMSC, MMS Proxy, and/or MMS Port settings.  The network screen on my iPhone doesn't allow me to do that, and I downloaded the iPhone Configuration Tool, but I can't find it there either. 


    So I'm hoping you might know if there is a way for me to change the MMS-related info on my factory unlocked iPhone 3GS (again, MMSC, MMS Proxy, and/or MMS Port settings). 


    GDG Mac Guy, I hear what you're saying about Net10 not being a supported carrier for iPhone and AT&T being unwilling to unlock phones that were factory-locked to their network. However, given that this is an UNLOCKED phone, I'm hoping carrier-specific MMS settings are not "hardwired" into the iPhone 3GS, and that I can somehow edit them through iTunes (or some other Apple software).  I’m guessing there’s a way to do it--I just don’t know what it is.  I’m guessing you might….


    Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    OK. One more time. Net10 is NOT a supported carrier. We can't help you. You will have to ask Net10 how to fix it. It may be similar to T-Mobile, which is KNOWN not to be compatible with the iPhone. One of the known issues is MMS messaging not working.


    Even if they are piggybacking on AT&T's towers, they do their own message processing. Only they can answer your question. The iPhone contains settings for all supported carriers. Choosing to use an unsupported carrier means sacrificing functionality. It may be minor, like visual voice mail, it may be more fundamental things like MMS messaging, FaceTime, and in some cases, 3G.


    I'm sorry, but there's really nothing much we can do for you.

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    Kilted Tim-


    Thank you for your reply.  However, if what you're saying is true, then I would submit to you that Apple has its own, unique definition of “UNLOCKED.”


    I went to http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_iphone/family/iphone/iphone3gs and clicked on a link that said (verbatim) "OR GET IPHONE UNLOCKED AND CONTRACT-FREE." 


    I know it’s not your call, but if what you're saying in your post above is accurate, I would say Apple should remove the word "UNLOCKED" from this link (as well as any other instances where Apple claims an iPhone 3GS is “UNLOCKED”), because it’s NOT UNLOCKED, it’s only CONTRACT-FREE (again, if what you're saying is true). 


    Honestly, I tend to believe that what you wrote is accurate, and I know Apple would never deliberately mislead its customers, but I can assure you I was misled by the word "UNLOCKED." In fact, to me, the terms "UNLOCKED" (on the ordering page for the iPhone 3GS) and the statement "The iPhone contains settings for all supported carriers" (in your post above) are inconsistent at best.  In any event, under no circumstances would I call a phone that works on exactly one network “UNLOCKED,” yet this seems to be the case for iPhone 3GS (as well as all other AT&T-only iPhone models prior to 3GS), if what you're saying is true. 


    Now, I paid an additional $99 for Apple Care, and I know I’m free to return my so-called "UNLOCKED" iPhone 3GS, but that shouldn’t be the answer that Apple gives to explain this matter (i.e., let’s incorrectly market it as “UNLOCKED” on our website, and then if our customers don’t like it when they find out it’s not really “UNLOCKED” as we claimed, they can just return it.)  That’s the wrong answer to me, for whatever that’s worth.   


    But again, thank you for your prompt reply and clear answer.  I think Apple Customer Service is worth every penny and then some.  I'm not asking for a reply, but again, I feel like I was misled by Apple on the Apple website.  On that note, you insinuated in one of your posts above that Net10 was vague in one or more claims made on their website.  I don't necessarily disagree with you on that point, but I would add that Apple is blatantly incorrect and clearly misleading in regard to at least one very important claim made on the Apple website (i.e., the claim that any iPhone 3GS is “UNLOCKED”).


    Thank you again for your time.



    -Jeffrey R. Joers

    Apple Support Profile: j.r.j

    19 March 2012

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    It is unlocked and will work on any compatible GSM carrier. What you have encountered is a carrier that is not fully compatible. T-Mobile in the US is another such carrier. In the case of T-Mobile, there are known problems with MMS, FaceTime and iMessage as well as 3G (T-Mobile uses an incompatible spectrum for their 3G network, and the way they process SMS messages does not allow for the activation of iMessage/FaceTime in many cases, and causes problems with MMS).


    Your phone obviously works with Net10 in that you can connect to their network and make phone calls. Apple is not going to support you, and since we here do not represent Apple or the carrier you are attempting to use, we can't really offer anything in the way of intelligent suggestion for how to overcome the shortcomings of Net10's network.


    Apple is not going to help you in regards to figuring out how to get features working on an unsupported network.  Apple never claimed that an iPhone would work with any network on the planet. They clearly stated that an unlocked phone will work on any compatible GSM network. What you have, clearly, is an incompatible GSM network.

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    Ha! this is sooooo funny


    "an unlocked phone will work on any compatible AT&T GSM network"


    they clearly missed the word "AT&T" )))


    Complete ripoff. I was going to buy unlocked iphone but clearly (love the word!) there is no such

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    When these other guys say iphone is not supported they are wrong. What they mean is net10 does not support mms picture messaging. You will need to use a third party app to send picture mail. When you activated your phone it says right in the step by step instructions at the bottom of the page that net10 does not support mms. Locked or unlocked mearly means it is mot locked to a specific carrier

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    I should have said when they say net10 is not a supported carrier of the iphone they are wrong. Net10 does not support mms to reduce data usage. And also net10 says unlimited data* the (*) means unlimited upto 1.5gb a month.

    You should have done your research before switching to net10 for the iphone or droids. They are good for old people who want to check facebook. If your young or tech savy. Dont use net10

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    OK, since you seem to know everything, show us where Net10 is on this list... http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1937


    You are wrong. Net10 is NOT a supported carrier for the iPhone.

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    no mms on net10 bfd

    work around

    i use textnow


    ive used it for years when texting i don't have a text plan

    imessage helps alot but not for non iphone people