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Does anyone know how to change the default sorting method for all items in iTunes?  I use the third option for organizing the library as a whole (the one that has a list of icons for bands that you double click to show only that band's songs).  The only sorting method I use is to sort by Album by Year (ascending), this makes the most sense to me.  I can tell that iTunes is attempting to remember when I do this for certain artists, but it epically fails at maintaining this sorting pattern.


To be clear, say I open Radiohead and click through to have it sort with the above method.  Everything works great, but when I return a few days later to play Radiohead again, the sorting is not maintained.  It could be as simple as sorting in a descending direction, or could even be trying to sort by the number it was added in my library.


I'd really appreciate it if someone knew of a way (maybe even through scripts if possible / the only solution) to eliminate this problem and have every (NOT just the artists who I've told iTunes to sort a specific way) artist sort that way.


I don't know if my copy is just corrupt?  It may be, since for some artists it's started playing them in the above mentioned order they were added to my library even if I force a sort by album by year (i.e. it will go from playing a 2007 album to a 2002 album and not the 2008 album).



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