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Whenever my fiance sends me a calendar invite, whether from her work calendar or her yahoo calendar—via her blackberry or web—the invites default to my work calendar (a Google apps type account I'm calling ___@work.com) and not my personal calendar, an @mac.com account.


So first off, how can I get incoming invites to default to my iCloud calendar and not my work calendar?


Second, I always try to switch the invites to my iCloud calendar, but when I do, I get the following error:



The server responded with an error.


The request for “___@work.com” in account “___@work.com” failed.


The server responded with


to operation CalDAVScheduleEventQueueableOperation.


<Go Offline>  <Revert to Server>


Neither buttons seem to do anything (what do they mean anyway?) but sometimes create duplicate events.


Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    Bump. Anyone?

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    I got this when I wanted to change an invited event from a gmail event to an icloud event.


    I found that it went away by opening up my gmail account in a web browser and manually deleting the event from there.


    I have now set my default calender as an icloud event.


    The google interaction with ical has never been that clever. I now do not use google calender at all.