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I bought some new songs in itunes. All of a sudden. All the new songs have an identical duplicate in the music app on my Iphone 4. Next to each duplicate is a strange new symbol I've never seen before on the right side of the song name. It is a little grey square (like a 'stop' symbol) inside a grey circle which is then encircled entirely by another grey (but thinner) circle. This is in the native iPhone music app. I tried to remove all my music but those duplicate songs won't be removed. I unsynced everything! Those new tracks are still there with those symbols. They can't be deleted and even if I try and play them, the song doesn't play and it just goes on to the next one, it can't play any of the tracks that are left so it just moves from one song after the other until all the songs are through. I have no idea what is going on? Someone please tell me what is going on. I'm freaking out.

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