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I often make edits to my pages documents. Sometimes. I decide I don't like the edits I made.


In Snow Leopard, I just close the window. Pages will ask me if I want to save the changes, to which I answer "no".


Now in Lion, it doesn't ask me if I want to save the changes. It just saves them for me. It's very annoying. I have to use versions to find the unedited documents. Is there any way to disable autosave in Lion?

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    No. But you can learn how to use it: See OS X Lion- About Auto Save and Versions

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    in pages you can go under preferences and then general, then there is a saving option arear, thats what you would need.



    Yeah sometimes the auto save is annoying, but if you want to go back, you can just hit veiw versions, and then go back to the one you want.

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    I remember reading a few old threadings when Lion was first release saying that it's possible to disable autosave via terminal. I can't seem to find the commands.


    In my opinion, autosave is dangerous. I was messing around with an essays due tomorrow. I decided the edits were junk and closed pages. Next time I open Pages to print my essay, my messy edits were all over the places! It's absolutely dangerous. Luckily dropbox kept an older version of the essay.


    I just want to be able to close Pages without it saving all the messing around I've done since last saving the document. Locking the file seems too much trouble for such a simple thing.

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    Which exacting setting is it?

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    just lock the document and it wont autosave. Click on the little icon in the center of the title bar and choose lock; so you can edit it, and if you like the edits then you can save those, but if you just close the document, then it wont save.



    Sorry bout those preferneces, it was my mistake.

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    Is there any way to automate the locking of documents? Can every document by locked by default?

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    Unfortunately there is no way to disable autosave in a "clean" way. Autosave/Versions is potentially dangerous and, IMHO, a very stupid implementation of versioning. After 20 years of CVS I was expecting something more from Apple.


    Anyway, I personally rolled back to Snow Leopard, but just in case I must use Lion I started from now replacing all the applications that use autosave and versions with others that don't.


    iWorks => MS Office (I never thought about going back to Microsoft until last summer...)

    TextEdit => TextWrangler

    Preview => Acrobat Reader + Xee


    You can use Snow Leopards versions of TextEdit and Preview in Lion. Here are the instructions: http://www.formaceyesonly.com/2011/11/25/how-to-downgrade-lions-preview-and-text edit-to-snow-leopard-versions/


    I hope this helps.

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    All documents get locked after two weeks. Until then, you will have to use the "revert" command and save good versions. You can always use "Duplicate" to edit a new copy of the document. If you like the changes, paste them back in the original. Since Autosave and Versions work even with new documents, you don't have to worry about actually creating a duplicate. If you never manually save, the duplicate will go away on its own when you close it. You can quit Pages without losing it. The next time you run Pages your duplicate will come back. When you are done with it, just close it without saving.

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    Thanks for explaining the new auto save features. For anyone who may have had pages save over their original work you can go to the top middle where your doc name is and click right next to it and there is an option for reverting. after clicking revert you then click BROWSE ALL VERSIONS.


    Unless your settings are majorly different I was able to recover my original it had saved alot of versions. It saved my life.  It was titled Revert to last saved version. Then it throws up two versions on the right hand bar you can click to go back to original version. Just posting what I was hoping someone had already posted. A step by step in case you have auto save in pages save over your original.


    By the way the comment "you could learn how to use it" maybe a little less animosity would go a long way. Everyone has their forte and to treat people like they are worthless because they don't excel in your forte is childish. Common courtesy could go a long way. Everyone is a newb in something.