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    you are all crazy.... it doesnt matter how it is calcualted.... if you buy a 16gb device you expect to see 16gb not less.... whether it be 3gb or 2gb less.... either calculation leaves the phone way short of the 16gb mark..... even if you go away and calcualte it in apple numbers it still isnt 16gb.... but if you say thats coz apple calculate it differently then, if apple change the way it is calculated, when they make a device and sell it as 16gb then they should use there own method and make sure it still has 16gb..... not 1, 2 or 3gb less... stop focusing on the way its calculated and focus on the point of my message which is that it is still a 16gb device showing 13gb capacity.....

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9

    You might as well give up on this because you are only showing your ignorance.



  • WrightsCS Level 1 Level 1

    I understand where you are coming from and yes Apple should follow industry standards. Your missing 2GBs went to the root file system which houses the operating system, iOS. The .ipsw you download when you update theough iTunes is about ~1GB, expanded is ~2GB, hence the loss of space you initially see reported in Settings. Misleading, I know.

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    Allan Eckert wrote:


    You might as well give up on this because you are only showing your ignorance.



    you know....i love all 7 apple products in my house and my iphone has never even come close to using all of it's storage, but i agree that the number should tell you how much storage is available. i'm sitting here looking at a box of cereal and it says that there's 24 ounces of cereal, it's not 24 ounces of cereal minus the packaging. i can certainly see why people would not like the way the storage of their phone is calculated.

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    Ok man, everybody understood what you`re trying to say, just deal with it, your device has 16gb, mine too, but as many here tried to explain to you (read the posts), 16gb makes 14.6gb, and that works for PCs, Mac, iOS and everything else too, check your PCs HD for instance (if you have one), if you buy a 500gb Hard Disk, you`ll see that windows shows it with 465gb. To finish this, the phone Operational System (iOS) "Steals" another 1gb so the phone can actually work leaving you with 13.6gb for usage, just like Windows needs some GBs from your HD to work as well.

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    2992 schooled you farts on a similar thread hahahh

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    maybe because those other 2.4 gb are taken up by the numerous apps apple has so generously pre-installed in your machine? those actually take up space, you know.

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    Then by reason it should still say 16gb capasity should it not? So are you saying if I deleted some of the pre-installed apps i would see the capasity increase? Cause I can do that. But the point still stands and I support what 2992 says they should install an 18gb drive and use the 2gb to put on there os and pre-installed apps and give the consumer the 16gb they promised. in the past when my phones should the capasity of storage it was the actual capasity i would full them and would see like some kilobytes that remaind so i was getting what i bargained for.

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    I have come to see that Apple fan boys are really some crazies. For the man to have to restate his problem over and over and you  still on the same stupid answer. Shows that you will make excuses for apples mess up no matter what. You know yourselves you level 7 and 5 crazies. The point is and from all you explaining It should show 14.6/14.9 or what ever if it is not 16gb capasity and should be sold as a 14.whatever iphone. If its a 16gb iphone it should say thats the capasity simple. and dont say its just the os cause its not. I had the iphone 3gs and it was a 16gb and it showed that in the capasity. so i was hella shocked when i saw my 4s was 13.6gb. and like someone in the thread said She and her friend have the same phone and her friend's show 16gb and hers show 13.6 so there obviously something wrong. Why are people so stupid and then tease normal people ?

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    Mac OS X

    Well, if you actually bothered to read rather than mouthing off from total ignorance you would have seen:


    1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.


    And if you look at a competing product like you will see that it's capacity is stated as Internal Memory: RAM (2GB), ROM (16GB) with this disclaimer: Device operating system and preloaded content will occupy a portion of the memory.




    says: 16 GB internal memory (14.5 GB user memory)


    I'm not going to waste time finding more examples, although every computing device since the beginning of the millennium and before has measured and published memory specs the same way. Which is a good thing, because it lets you compare competing products using a common measure.


    But facts don't matter to an accomplished trollboi.

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    Deadedras at last thank you someone has finally got the point.....

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    Back again with tell us what a gb is it dosnt really address the problem. Your trying to say that there isnt a problem which means you dont read carefully. It has been stated more than once but I guess smarty pants like yourself didnt get smart by learning to read and understand before vomiting up your tech knowledge. To make it simple Problem iphone 4s 16gb shows capasity 13.6gb! Reason this is a problem other iphone 4s 16gb shows capasity 16gb, iphone 3gs 16gb show capasity 16gb. Does this make it any clearer? Why does other iphone show the full capasity and others do not? Instead of mouthing out about what should be why not address the issue at hand?

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    OK all you wierdo apple fans that have your heads stuck in the apple CLOUD...... dont get me wrong i love the iphone and i think that the iphone, ipad, ipod devices are great.... i am just annoyed about being sold something that has been falsely advertised and marketed.....


    all you apple fans are so defensive because you think i am slaggin off your beloved devices the you love so much Lawerence we are not looking for a competing device we are trying to make a point about the Iphones incorrect display of its advertised capacity we dont need you to waste time looking for examples because it is just simple logic we are using here.... but your example samsung has proved my point... the samsung device has 2GB RAM reserved for the OS and APPS.... while it has ROM of 16GB.... proving my point once again.... RAM is not ROM it is seperate.... so they have defined that there is 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of ROM.... you have disproved your own argument with your example lawrence and backed mine up.....


    also all of you (with the exception of dreadedras) here and Lawrence you are brain washed and brain dead and cant read english..... I UNDERSTAND that Apple has redefined the calcluation of the GB.... this is not the point..... the point is now that, people here are having trouble understanding the meaning and definition of the words i am using... so here all of you take a lesson in english and see if you can learn something.....


    Capacity= the amount something can hold

    Usage= the amount of capacity used....


    NOW.... I AM talking about the total Capacity (see definition above) shown on the iphone NOT what has been used....... so the space taken up by the OS and APPS do not excuse the issue i am raising.....



    ...... lets see if i can spell the issue out.....


    The phone is sold as a 16GB phone. now as apple have redefined the GB then by their terms it should show that it has a capacity (see above for definition) of 14.5GB..... it doesnt......


    If in Apples world of maths and definition of a GB 14.5GB =16GB then the phone should display 16GB.... it doesnt..... or at least show apples definition of 16GB... and display 14.5GB capacity (see definition above)... it doesnt


    The phone displays a total capacity (see definition above) of 13.6GB


    I have bought an iphone sold to have 16GB capacity (see definition above) but by Apples terms it falls short by 1GB and also does not display that it is a 16GB phone....


    If Apple are going to take it upon themselves to redefine the GB then their phone should be sold as a 14.5GB phone but even that would be wrong because it only as 13.6GB..... so the phone would still  be falsely advertised to have 14.5GB.... as it already is falsely advertised to have 16GB...... IT DOES NOT HAVE 16GB capacity (see above definition) even by APPLES definition


    Apple have redefined 16GB as 14.5GB so their phone should either be sold as a 14.5GB phone and display 14.6 capacity (see definition above) on the phone or sell it as a 16GB capacity phone and display 16GB capacity (see definition above) on the phone because their definition says 14.5GB is 16GB....


    but neither of the above paragraph apply to this phone because it has been sold as a 16GB capacity (see definition above) phone and shows 13.6GB which even falls short of Apples definition of 16GB.... so i all you apple wierdos get your head out of the CLOUD and see some sense..... instead of sticking up for them because it is not just me being ripped off it is you as well but you are all too gaga over the devices and too stupid to realise it.....


    i have had phones before that boast usable on board memory but the OS and Apps do not incroach on the amount of capacity (see definition above) it is sold to have. for example the samsung Lawrence has used as an example and stated above in my comment here.....


    So now if all Apple fans dont understand that i give up and conclude that all Apple users are infact brain dead and that all the Microsoft users have a fair point that Apple devices are to be shunned due their brain dumbing side effects...... I dont in fact think this but i will be forced to agree if you all cannot understand this simple logic point i am stating here..... it is just pure common sense......

  • pagel Level 1 Level 1

    yep i agree with you dreadedras my son has a 3G ipod 64GB and it says 64GB capacity.... same principal applys here coz the Ipod still needs an OS so Lawrence where did the OS go on the ipod 64GB 3G if all its 64GB capacity was available to use by the user....

  • pagel Level 1 Level 1

    Regradless of the RAM and ROM definition though it doesnt really matter my point still stands that the phone should be displaying the capacity either at 16GB which Apple say is the capacity regardless of how they definre the GB..... or it should display 14.5GB which Apple say is 16GB but it doesnt it shows 13.6GB............ it is really that simple.....

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