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    Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 1.26.04 PM.png


    I hope you are trolling, cause it would mean that you're actually really clever. If not, how on earth have you had 20 years IT experience and not understand what people are trying to tell you?


    1. DON'T INSULT APPLE FANS. Apple isn't perfect, they have some huge flaws, and I definitely don't agree with everything they do. The main reasons I love it is that they are far more innovative than Microsoft and their products are generally reliable. I realise that some Apple fans don't know much about technology, but I genuinely think that your comments are misdirected at people replying to your question.
    2. CALM DOWN. You aren't exactly making yourself look smart when you insult everyone with comments that are clearly ignorant.
    3. Apple have not redefined the GB, the 13.6GB is actually the proper amount (I'm no good with the calculations, but the concept is still obvious), as is the 16GB. The remaining 2.4GB have been occupied by the in-built apps and the operating system that let the iPhone function.
    4. I agree that it is misleading that the advertised capacity is not what the 'user capacity' is, however, Apple is not the only brand that does this (see Lawrence's post above for links to examples), and all of the brands are guilty of misleading their innocent customers in one way or another and cheating us of what we think is logical (for example, it makes sense to us that a 16GB device should have 16GB available to the user, as opposed to having a total of 16GB, with the operating system etc. cutting into the total capacity). The facts are that many tech brands advertise devices with their total capacity, not the capacity available to the user.
    5. My theory about how different generations of devices have displayed different capacities for the same advertised capacity is that Apple have changed the way they display the capacity. I think in the older generation devices they displayed the total capacity, but they have changed that to the user available capacity since it probably didn't look like it added up to 16GB (for example) when it displayed the usage of different types of files/whatever (like music, apps, video etc.). Also, they could have been following the technique of other brands or responding to complaints [I don't really know, this is just speculation]. [Sorry if that explanation was a little confusing, it was a bit complicated to type that out concisely and still hopefully make it make sense to someone else.]
    6. If it's really a problem only having 13.6GB then I suggest buying a phone with a larger capacity.
    7. And if you still don't understand, then... go and talk to Apple about it or at least close this discussion and rant somewhere else.
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    slimshady9395 laugh all you want i am not talking about usage i am talking about the total capacity which people cannot understand.....


    capacity= amount somthing can hold

    usage=amount of capacity used.....


    if a bucket can hold 16litres and you put 2 litres into it, the bucket can still hold another 14litres... now if the bucket was sold as 16litres but when you got it you found it could only hold 13.6litres you would be annoyed..... basically that is what is the problem here..... i have brought what i was lead to believe was a 16GB capacity phone but i am seeing that it is 13.6GB capacity..... just coz it may have 2gb of files already installed on it doesnt change the amount it can hold.... and if you check previous apple devices such as the 64GB 3G Ipod.... it displays that it has 64GB capacity.....  the ipod still needs an OS so it is not that different from the iphone, so laugh all you want but you and the others are not understanding me.....

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    kmjarman For gods sake is it just because they are all apple fans that i am not allowed to say anything against their intelligence while everyone else can slag me off... for stating something so obvious.... that other people here have noticed and agreed with..... are apple fans some kind of untouchable clan..... i understand what people are trying to tell me but what they are refereing to all the time is usage not capacity..... so their answers are irrelevant to my question hence my continual restatement of the obvious......


    This is and wasnt supposed to be a rant.... it was a simple statement on the fact that the device is misrepresented and as i and other have stated previous models displayed the capacity correctly.....


    now to address your numbered points....


    1..... apple may not be perfect but it still doesnt excuse apple fans insistance on ignoring the obvious common sense..... my comments are directed at people not being able to read or continually thinking i am talking about usage not capacity.... this is very frustrating and makes this forum completely pointless..... what is the point in having a forum if 98% of the people dont know how to read properly and answer irrelevantly.....


    2...... i am sorry i am calm and it is everyone else who is insulting me, if you want to go an tell someone off for insults then go and tell the others.... i am stating something obvious and it only makes me look ignorant because 98% of the comments have come back form ignorant apple fans who cant see the wood for the apple trees..... but to be honest anyone with half a brain would realise that the apple fans are the ones acting ignorant towards something so obvious..... sorry thats not an insult... its a fact....


    3..... even yourself have not read the full thread and checked out your facts before commenting because APPLE HAVE redefined their definition of the GB read here.... n-before


    This means that occording to Apple, 16GB is actually 14.6GB or 14.5GB for those who want to be picky..... basically they have said using their calculation 14.6GB=everyone elses 16GB so the phone should display 14.6GB regardless of how much space the OS is taking up... and as i have mentioned previous apple devices have shown the capacity correctly like my sons 64GB 3G ipod..... still uses an OS so same principal applies.... but as the phone has been sold as 16GB not 14.6GB then the display should still show 16GB as apple have said that 14.6GB is everyone elses 16GB......


    4.... glad you agree with this but as i have mentioned i have had many other phones and the OS has not cut in on the stated storage capacity.... yes some phones do... but i have had many that dont.... and including the fact that previous apple phones and ipods have not misquoted the available storage capacity then why should the 4S suddenly be so far out.... usually when a phone states storage capacity it means that is what is available additionaly to the OS space... but again you are talking about usage when my whole point is capacity not how much is available to use after OS is installed (see my example about the bucket to slimshady above....)



    5...... i dont want another phone i like the Iphone and i got the 16GB because i wanted it.... but on getting it and finding that the capacity is less than it is sold to have, this has annoyed me.... and the fact that it should have 14.6GB by apples calcualtions is even more annoying.... now please as you read that paragraph please rememeber i am talking about CAPACITY not USAGE...... (see bucket example to slimshady above)



    6..... i do understand i cant think of anymore ways to explain that i am stating that the phone does not have the capacity it is sold to have......  what ever is installed on it does not change the amount it should be able to hold if a bucket is sold to hld 16litres and you put 2 litres in it the bucket doesnt suddenly become a 14litre bucket it is still a 16litre bucket it is just that it only has 14litres space left in it..... now on the phone there are 2 status, 1 states the capacity the other shows usage.... just coz i have installed another 8GB of files on my phone does not change the capacity.... i am not ranting i am trying to find people who understand common sense and those that keep on refering to the usage not the capacity will still get me restating my point..



    I would love to go straight to apple if someone here could give me a contact number.....

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    This should be apples page should it not? Why isnt someone from apple responding? They where quick to take down my post and tell me i was being rude but they cant answer the question posted? Why have all these level 5 and 7 fans pop off at the mouth wen they have no brain. Makes apple seems unreliable. cause you would think coming to their official forum page on their site one would get a educated response from someone with knowledge instead of chatter boxes. Pagel I feel for you to have be putting up with these "not smart" persons. its not hard to understand but they are making it look soo difficult. as you stated the phone is advertise to have 16gb of usable storage space, that is why people buy them base on the size. this usable storage space doesnt not include the space they use for the OS nor the pre installed apps. its the space they are selling you so you can use as you feel. I know this to be a fact because this is not my first iphone nor is it my first phone with starage space. If anyone look at any site that compares phone they will see that when the specs of the phone are displayed they differentiate storage space from rom. So the issue remains it should be showing 16gb and not 13.6gb because the 16 that they have sould to you should not be shared with the os. I have come to the conclusion that these 13.6gb iphones are a group of defective modles. As one post stated they have seen two iphone 4s with different storage capasity so that makes 98% of the answers and explaination on this forum completely irrelevant. I think you should call app pagel doesnt seem you'll get anywhere here

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,716 points)

    This is a user to user forum.


    Apple monitors it for TOU violations only.


    Apple does not post technical solutions here.



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    Eh, I had the same questions... when I saw only 13.47 GB on my iPhone 5, I was annoyed. I expected more like 14.5 or so.... after a quick calculation (16,000,000,000)/(1024^3), I was more annoyed to see I should have ~14.9 GB.


    I figured maybe the OS or some sort of low-level boot ROM took up part of it, but I still don't get why it wouldn't say "total capacity 14.9 GB, available 13.47."

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    all your gb are belong to us

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    The reason why it's 13.6 GB because of the pre installed apps that may use such as 15.5 MB or 244 MB. Depending on the capacity of the preloaded apps.

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    Iphone 5 64gb states on summary 57.30gb why help? kicking the discussion in to 2013...

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,018 points)

    What a waste of time. It's already been explained and explained and explained and explained and explained and explained in this and other threads. Just read. And if you still don't understand, the problem is you, not the iPhone or the explanations.

  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,716 points)

    For what reason?



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    I haven't read all of the comments but, I'm sorry you've had to deal with many who miss the big picture b/c they choose to keep blinders on or unfortunately have an incurable case of tunnel vision. I'd like to thank you for asking the same question I had and I never looked it up, until now. Of course you're correct regarding capacity displays and advertising; I had the 1st iPhone3 prior to this iPhone4s (displaying capacity as 13.6 GB) and my son has the iPod touch.


    At the end of the day though b/c of Apple's poor communication skills and/or inconsistencies regarding the manufacturing and promotion of their own products - We are SO LUCKY Apple doesn't make elevators... b/c there are capacity limits posted in elevators by law... when I'm observing the capacity limits, I'm not factoring in, guessing the weight of the elevator itself, or searching for it's weight in small print b/c the manufacturer has already done this and deducted that amount and posted the remaining amount of weight the elevator can hold, that 'the users' of the elevator need, on the plaque in the elevator.


    I can't imagine how primary school science and math (the most basic fundamentals) can be intentionally obscured by a technology company. I mean Math is still the same in every language right? And 'Matter' is still taught as no two things can occupy the same space at the same time right? ☺ Lol!


    Thanks again for asking an obvious question that should've never had to be asked but Apple, I guess, forgot that 'thinking outside the box' or even eliminating the box is meant for free-thinking and inventiveness not how to make basic fundamentals seem contradictory or difficult for no logical reason. If it didn't appear to be shady, I'd be laughing more than I am right now.


    ✌ to all  

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    You're an idiot. Any company that makes anything involving memory does the same thing. If you have a pc with a 500gb hard drive then it will read lower than 500gb. I don't want to live on this planet anymore when idiots like you think they know everything

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    the ios tack some of it

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    The things that take up the 2gb is the system and original info, like if you buy a pc you have regular cursor that is file that takes up space, but why do they tell you it with out the syestem it is so that you think the phone has big amount of space.

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