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I have a problem with downloading dmg files. If I try to download .exe files (or any other) it downloads with no problem, but with dmg files, it just comes to 99.9% and doesn't move.


thank you





MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Hi ...



    Go to Safari > Preferences then select the General tab


    Select:  Open "safe" files after downloading


    If that box was already ticked ..


    Go to ~/Library/Safari


    Move the Downloads.plist file from the Safari folder to the Trash.


    Relaunch Safari.


    .exe files? That's a Windows executable file. Can't be opened on a Mac unless you have a Windows partition or VMware.

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    um.. I already tried that, but it sill dosent work.


    I know that .exe files are for Windows I just tried downloading something else to see if its the same for all files i try to download.

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    In the future, please tell us what you have tried that didn't work... saves time and efforts on your part as well as ours.


    Downloading an .exe file won't open regardless so it doesn't make for good "test" download.


    Where did you download the .dmg file that won't work?


    Please post the link in your reply.


    If it's the Team Viewer site, try contacting the developer for help here >   http://www.teamviewer.com/en/company/index.aspx

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    Sorry for that.


    The problem here is not with opening the dmg files but with downloading them.. even if I try to download a .zip files or .rar files I have no problems, just the .dmg files.

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    Yesterday I installed (clean install) Mac OS X Lion on my MacBook Pro 17-inch early 2009. I tried to download the latest update for Lion (10.7.3.) and it stopped at at 100% and didn't want to finish the download. So I went to my neighbour and downloaded the update and install it without any problems.

    Then I went to http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx and tried to download the program and again, as with the update it just stopped at 100% and didn't want to finish.

    Again I went to my neighbour and downloaded TeamViewer (on his computer - windows) and install it. Then I tried to download PS3 Media Server (https://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver/downloads/detail?name=pms-macosx-1.50.1 .dmg) and again it didn't work. I logged into my computer at work (through TeamViewer) and try to download the PS3 Media Server, it downloaded without any problem from the same site.

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    Hmm.. I am having the same problem with downloading .dmg files since I bought my Mac in 2010. I did not have any speed downloader, igetter etc for removal, so something else is conflicting with the software / programme.  All these times, I have to download it through my windows laptops and then transfer to my Mac if I need to update any software or download new ones.  A solution to this would be great. Thanks