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Been using my Google Talk jabber account for years with no problem in iChat. Installed the Messages beta and now I can't connect.


The Google account is displayed as Offline. When I select Available I get the following message:


"Non-secure Jabber Login

Your name and password will be sent in a way that is not secure.  Do you still wish to connect to this server?"


I have tripled checked the settings and it simply won't connect. Also have tried this from several different networks. Still won't connect securely. I have NOT gone ahead and allowed non-secure connection.


I have gone into Messages prefs and clicked the "Use Default Settings" button on the pane for my Google Talk account. No good.

I have two-step verification turned off for the particular Google account I am using.

I have not yet tried deleting the account in Messages and re-adding.



Messages Beta, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I have found a solution/workaround. I made a new Jabber account (instead of Google Talk account) and followed the instructions Google provides here. http://support.google.com/talk/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=24076


    The main difference seems to be the address of the server is talk.google.com instead of the default that iChat/Messages uses which is gmail.com


    So I am back online now with Google Talk using Messages.

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    I was having this problem also. I went to Preferences, Accounts, Google Talk, Server Settings, and then I clicked SSL. That seems to have fixed the problem. Hope this helps

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    HI all,


    Those instructions are for iChat 3 (when they added Jabber as an option but not Google)


    Google do not follow the naming convention of other Jabber Servers.

    Therefore in iChat 3 the pulled the @gmail.com  (or @googlemail.com) from the User ID as the server name.

    Google as you have found use a server called "talk.google.com".


    Later versions of iChat and the Messages Beta allow for this server naming issue by having the Google Set up option in the Add Account pane.


    The port is usually port 5223 with SSL turned On (It does not work without SSL)

    It can be changed (whilst logged out) to port 443 which also works.


    I am finding it hard to see why something that was set up and working in iChat 6 did not make the cross over to Messages  beta correctly. (other than it is a Beta)


    Is it possible that this particular Google account set up was an iChat 3 one that has been migrated across computers til now ?





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    Had the same issue. Oddly on one machine but not others, so this must be a glitch with older account settings as Ralph suggests.


    Finally, figured out a solution: under Accounts>Server Settings uncheck "Automatically find server and port" then check SSL and change Server name to talk.google.com (keep the port at 5223). Keep warn before sending password insecurely!


    Works fine for me now.

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    Same issue here. Your solution worked perfectly. Thanks.