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I am looking forward to mirroring from my macbook air 1,1 and my macbook pro, mac pro to my big screen tv. I want to surf the web on my big screen and watch streaming videos. With all the political stuff going on, I often use the web to make my point to my friends. I do hope apple gets into the tv market and competes with samsung. While samsung made some awesome tv's, their computer access stinks. I belive apple can do better. I own a bunch of apple stuff from mac mini, macbook air, mac book pro, mac pro, apple tv 1st and 2nd gen, apple router, and the apple repeaters.


I just want apple to know that apple tv is a lot more than a hobby for me and I wish they would upgrade the apple tv 2nd gen to 1080p like the first gen one. I currently purchase all my movies from apple now and store them on my mac pro. Then I stream to my first gen apple tv which is connected to a samsung 55 hdtv.