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  • IT-Ben Level 1 (0 points)

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the only thing that resolved the issue for our company was going to the local apple store talking to the genius bar.  They  swapped the problematic hardware out, and the new hardware is working fine.


    I'm not sure what caused our problem.  The only thing that I can come up with is that maybe there is some bad sectors of memory in the phone, and when the mail app tries to use that memory it causes a problem with mail. 


    We were able to rule out connectivity issues.  We tested this by starting a sync and stepping into an elevator where there is no signal.  The sync failed, but it didn't cause the mail to reload.  We tested running the phone on a couple of combinations of cellular and wifi also, but again failed to reproduce the error.


    We also tried sending a few thousand emails to a user to make a large number of changes to the mailbox and couldn't reproduce the issue.



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    Well, if it was one or 2 that would be an easy fix but, 30+ is a problem.

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    One of our users is also having this problem on both his ipad and iphone. Has anyone found a solution yet, other than replacing the hardware?

  • Lars Pope Level 1 (140 points)

    Just to say that we have  3 phones doing the same - mine included.... we run Exchange 2011 - brand new. didnt happen on the Old 2003 server

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    I am now almost sure it happens on 3G connection only. when I am using the office wifi or home, the inbox is stable. when losing wifi, the inbox goes wild.

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    happens only with my office exchange - Microsoft office professional plus 2010

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    It happened to us when using wifi instead of 3G. We have changed the setting to sync only 3 days of mail and it has been stable since.

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    The Users habing thos issues reported as solved and i dont heared anymore from other Users too.

    But there was no changes to Exchange. We updated our MDM Solition Mobileiron to the highest Release and the iPhones are running iOS 5.1.1

    It needs to be related to iPhone os or 3th part software. It was running smoth now for 2 years now.


    We also hand one user loginin wrong and causing him high traffic on the TMG.

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    Mailbox loads, stops at a specific message, then reloads repeatedly


    Exchange 2003, server activesync 3007 errors in event log (server 2003).


    Also, in httperr.52.log,  showing Connection_Dropped_ ExchangeApplicationPool errors


    3 iPhones users copied on a few messages were affected at the same time. Problem could be repliceated on iPhone/iPad/iPod of various 4.x & 5.x versions.


    We found that moving a days worth of messages from the day of the last loaded message to an archive folder and then back again clears the issue for that user.

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    Are any of your users trying to use the "No limit" setting for the inboxes? For many that results in attempting to sync thousands (sometimes tens of thousands of messages), pretty much guaranteeing constant sync activity/failures. More reasonable to set Inbox push for last 2 weeks - 30 days, having folks use the search capability to pull up older messages off the server as they may need them. Same story with Calendar - don't try and sync all events, use 1-3 mo max for folks with busy schedules. After doing that, best to dump account, reconfigure to ensure settings stick and the local cache is cleared out.


    Most here sound pretty tech-savvy, but just wanted to get the obvious disclaimers out of the way first.

  • Lars Pope Level 1 (140 points)

    Nope. Mine is set to 1 month.

    Interesting that we never got issues until we upgraded our server from 2003

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    Any fix to this problem ? My wife and I both have an iPhone 4s and iPad that are reloading all deleted emails every time we log on and also our calenders are not syncing any longer from device to device. Getting very frustrating at this point. From this thread it looks like this has been going on a while.

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    This has been happening to me since I moved to the iPhone 4S - I had no issues with iPhone 3GS.  I went to the genius bar today, and they refused to replace my phone.  They insisted it is a software issue and that my only option is to restore from factory settings, in case my backup is the problem.  As this would mean losing all my pictures (I like having them on my camera roll rather than PC), texts, and in app data (significant amounts) I am very unhappy with this proposal, and I am hoping to try and resolve myself if possible. If anyone has got a solution I would really appreciate the help.



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    I kept my fingers crossed that iOS 6 will fix this....

    But no... Keeps reloading on 3G... Bye bye iPhone

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    Don't know much about the tech side.

    IPhone 4S, 1 year old, iPad 3, 6 months old. Outlook at home for email and gmail to sync with the devices.


    At least once a day while reading email they all disappear and the slowly reload. While reloading I can read email subjects but the content is missing until all reload.


    It would be a lot simpler if they were downloaded to the device and deleted as needed.


    Don't care for that.


    Right up there with a GPS chipped device that has maps that don't work if you don't have a connection.