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Hello there, i bought a macbook white 2010 model (with nvidia 320m), some times ago i upgraded the ram to 8gb and disk to SSD Crucial M4.


The performance is obviously huge... but when comes to play games i simply cant play because of lag and micro-struttering.


The games i play aren't power demanding:
Team Fortress 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Killing Floor

and Minecraft


For minecraft it can be explained with by poor java configuration, but for the others?


I also see that smcfancontrol show me like 98° to 105° (depending on the moment) and fan goes to 6200rpm.


The poor gaming performance can be caused by the hight temperature?


Obviosly i'm an updated system, Snow Leopard 10.6.8..


Hope you guys can help me



P.S. Sorry if i write bad english

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I have the same model as you, but I didnt change my ram or HDD and my os is Lion.And i play Team Fortress well with no lag at steam.The problem could be your ping (slow internet connection) or the ram replacement.Your Mac contains two memory slots. Each of them accepts a 1067 MHz DDR3 memory module.Check if your mac supports all that ram.Go to the apple logo menu,click About this Mac and then, Memory.Check if everything is OK,then reply.Thanks for reading.

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    Thanks for the reply



    Yes, when select the information tab for the ram it says ok to both ram slot at 1067mhz speed..

    Maybe it's Snow Leopard that had poor performance with this gpu?


    How much temperature do you get from smcfancontrol?

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    I dont know my temperature,but I know my cooler works at full speed,but no damage occurs.If I'm not wrong,this macbook supports 2GB additional RAM,totalling 4GB of RAM.Can you take a screenshot of the memory session of the About my mac window?

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    of course...


    sorry for italian text:


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    Check out this web page


    And peform this test


    Send me the results.

    And italian is OK.My first language came from latin too,so dont worry.

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    Verifica che il computer riconosca la nuova memoria

    Dopo aver installato la memoria aggiuntiva, è necessario verificare che il computer riconosca la nuova memoria. Per verificare la memoria del computer

    1. Avvia il computer.
    2. Quando viene visualizzata la scrivania di Mac OS X, seleziona Apple () dalla barra dei menu in alto a sinistra, quindi scegli Informazioni su questo Mac.

    La memoria totale include la quantità di memoria fornita in origine con il computer e la memoria che è stata aggiunta oppure, in caso di sostituzione della memoria, la nuova capacità di tale memoria. Per informazioni dettagliate sulla quantità di memoria installata nel computer, apri System Profiler scegliendo Apple () eInformazioni su questo Mac; fai clic su Più informazioni, quindi, nella sezione Hardware di System Profiler, fai clic su Memoria.

    Se il computer non riconosce la memoria o non si avvia correttamente, assicurati che la memoria installata sia compatibile con il MacBook e che sia installata correttamente provando a reinserirla.

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    Modelli applicabili

    MacBook (13 pollici, Metà 2010)
    MacBook (13 pollici, Fine 2009)

    Specifiche di memoria

    Questi modelli di MacBook presentano queste specifiche:


    Numero di slot di memoria2
    Memoria di base2 GB (anche con configurazione personalizzata)
    Memoria massima4 GB
    Specifiche della scheda di memoria- Formato SO-DIMM DDR (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module Double Data Rate)
    - 30 mm
    - 1 o 2 GB
    - 204 pin
    - RAM tipo PC3-8500 DDR3 a 1.066 MHz
    Note aggiuntivePer prestazioni ottimali, utilizza tutti e due gli slot di memoria e installa un modulo di memoria uguale in ciascuno degli slot.
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    Isnt it too much memory for this macbook?

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    What is your macbook version?

    ModelloIdentificatore modelloNumero del modelloConfigurazioni

    MacBook (13 pollici, Metà 2010)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Fine 2009)
    MacBook 6,1MC207xx/A13,3"/D2.26G/2x1GB/250/SD-DL

    MacBook (13 pollici, Metà 2009)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Inizio 2009)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Alluminio, Fine 2008)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Fine 2008)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Inizio 2008)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Fine 2007)

    MacBook (13 pollici, Metà 2007)


    MacBook (Fine 2006)

    MacBook1,1MA254xx/A13"/1,83 GHz/60 GB/Combo
    MA255xx/A13"/2 GHz/60 GB/SuperDrive
    MA472xx/A13"/2 GHz/80 GB/SuperDrive
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    Hello Yales, thanks for the reply


    Mine model is 7.1.
    Officially it can't support 8gb of ram but it's logic board is the same as the Macbook pro with nvidia 320m, and it can be upgraded to 8gb.


    I can use full ram when, for example, i use virtualbox for work


    I'm not at home at the moment, but usually on speed test i get 8mbps in download, when i play at home with the Pc i can play with skype call with 3 or 4 friends, and get usually 40~50 ms ping.


    So.. i don't think is the Internet speed mine problem

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    sorry... clicked wrong :S

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    my girlfriend also has mid 2010 white macbook unibody with 4gb ram but she has also difficulties when playing team fortress 2 online.

    we decreased the settings to the lowest even the resolution, but still it's laggy and not able to run it smoothly.

    did you find any solution?