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Anyone know how to add an extension to a phone number in Address Book? And even better, how to create a pause when I call, so the extension is entered?

imac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    First of all, you've posted a question in the Snow Leopard forum, even though your question indicates you're running 10.4. You need to be sure to post your question in the correct forum if you expect help.


    As for the question, if you want to add an extension to a phone number in Address Book, most people just enter the phone number and extension like this: 800-555-1212 x4567. To add a pause after anything, you add a comma, and I belive the pause is 1 second for each comma. So using the example above, you'd enter the number like this: 800-555-1212,,,4567


    But if you're trying to use Address Book as a phone dialer, you can't. It was never designed with that capability, so the information you've asked about isn't useful for Address Book.

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    Thanks for the reply. I tried entering the extension as you indicated but when I make a call from my iphone, it doesn't work. I'll try the commas and see what happens.

         (I'm running 10.6.8 - why does it sound like I'm running 10.4?)

         And no, I'm not trying to call from Address Book.

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    apd416 wrote:


          (I'm running 10.6.8 - why does it sound like I'm running 10.4?)


    Because the profile at the bottom of your post shows you are running 10.4. Change your profile information if you don't want readers to think you are running 10.4.

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    From OSX daily:The easiest way is through your iPhone or add a semicolon ";" NOT a comma in Mac Address book .

    Though you’ve long been able to add automatically dialed extensions to contacts on the iPhone, the newest versions of iOS handle extensions much more intelligently, allowing you to create a “Dial Extension” button to any specific contact. That extension dialer can be activated manually, making the navigation of telephony menus infinitely easier, here’s how to quickly add this to a contact:

    • Open Contacts and tap the contact name to add the extension to, then tap the “Edit” button
    • Tap the phone number entry, place the cursor at the end, then tap the “+*#” button to access additional options
    • Choose “wait” then enter the extension afterwards, it will add a semicolon and the extension afterwards to the address appearing like so: 1-888-555-5555;123
    • Tap “Done” and exit out of contacts
    • Now dial the contact to discover a “Dial 123″ button has appeared, tap that whenever you want to dial the extension

    The extensions can also be added from a Mac in Contacts (Address Book) by adding a semicolon to numbers followed by an extension, just be sure to sync it through the same iCloud account or it won’t go over to the iPhone.

    Anyone who frequently uses extensions to reach specific people at an office, or anyone who has battled an automated phone system knows how useful this can be. You can even set a string of numbers, though the Dial button remains the same.