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When I try to install any printer in System Preferences>Print & Fax everything goes smoothly -- I click the + sign, find the printer I want then add it. However, it is then listed not by its real name (Canon iP3300) but as Adobe PDF 9.0.


If I try to print anything, the job appears for a second in the Print Queue, then disappears; text in the Print box says Starting Distiller, but nothing further happens.


If I re-name the printer manually, the icon changes from a generic printer icon to the proper Canon icon, but still nothing will print.


I have re-installed the printer, Reset the Printing System etc, still I can't print.


Canon have given up on me, saying tht this is Apple's problem, not theirs; Apple have given up on me, saying that it's Canon's or Adobe's problem, not theirs. I've read in the forums that there are problems installing printers under MacOSX10.6.8, but none of the threads seem to address my particular problem.


Please, I'm getting desperate here!

iMac (27-inch Late 2009), Mac OS X (10.6.8), Canon Pixma iP3300