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ok i've had A LOT of trouble with itunes match recently.


my main problem now however is that icloud music won't disappear from the music app.

  • itunes match is OFF on iphone
  • Signed out of apple ID.
  • airplane mode has been on to stop any cloud data sync.
  • iphone has been de-authorised from icloud on my itunes account.


its almost as if itunes match just froze on my phone because some albums arent complete.

the other day, it seemed as though itunes match was downloading data and it wouldnt allow me to play music on the train.


another problem is whenever i click on taio cruz on artists, the music app crashes. if i select his songs or albums its fine however.


i have sorted most other problems (other than taio cruz delima) but i just can't understand why itunes match cloud music won't just **** off and leave my phone already!?


apple, mountain lion can wait. just sort out itunes match that people have ALREADY paid for!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1