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I updated the software of Airport Express (3 of them) and now Airport Utilities cannot find one of the devices.  I unplugged and reconnected, and hit the reset button. The amber light is blinking.  What to do?

airport express, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    By the way, Irport Utility is 5.5.3 and Airport Expresses are 7.6.1.

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    I had the amber flashing light when setting up my Airport Express earlier (to add to my WiFi network to stream music via AirTunes to my stereo) and resolved it through:

    - connecting the AE via ethernet cable and setting up using AirPort  Base Station Agent on my PC

    - Turning off the AE, my fibre modem and Wireless hub

    - Turning on the fibre modem and waiting for it to come back online

    - Turning on the wireless hub and waiting for it to come back online

    - Then turning on the AE


    That did the trick


    WinVista, Netgear WNR1000 150