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Firstly a big thank you to aekritzinger for being one of the first pioneers to resolve this type of problem, you are a legend! (hope you get to read this)




Second, to Orange FR, I just pwned your "experts" big time, as their only response was restore its original settings and forget about your backup, start from scratch.




I have an iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 & I encountered this error from an update Orange did to their APN Carrier Settings,  when I tried to access the internet I received the following error.




I was not able access the profile section in the general settings as specified in their instructions

http://assistance.orange.fr/mise-a-jour-des-parametres-internet-de-votre-mobile- 4801.php




Orange's support was limited and only offered basic resolutions.  Thanks to aekritzinger post https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3462255?start=0&tstart=0 and the following tools; ibackupbot for iTunes & plist editor Pro I was able to find the solution.




1.    Use ibackupBot for iTunes to find the file SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist in your recent backup which corresponds to the file 8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858

2.    Export this file including backup information (this is very important if you wish to reimport your modified file afterwards) to a temporary directory.

3.    Copy the file 8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858 to a temporary directory. (in case of restore issues - you never know)

4.    Move you old backups which live here C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup to a temporary directory.

5.    Restore your iPhone to its original settings. (don't sync as of yet)

6.    Verify that everthing is working after the restore: 3G/VVM/MMS

7.    Backup your iPhone

8.    Use IbackupBot for iTunes to find the file SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist in this new backup which corresponds to the file 8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858

9.  Export this file including backup information (this is very important if you wish to reimport your modified file afterwards) to another temporary directory.

10. Open this exported xml file with Plist Editor Pro.

11. Copy the entire contents.

12. Open the bad exported xml file with Plist Editor Pro (2.)

13. Paste and replace the entire conents of the file.

14. Save the modified XML file

15. Move the new backup which is in C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup (7.) to a temporary directory. or if you don't won't it for any future use, just delete it.

16. Move you old backups which are in the temporary directory (4.) back to C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup

17. Use ibackupBot for iTunes to import the modified XML file (14.) into your recent backup (1.)

18. Restore from this Backup in iTunes to your iPhone.

19. Verify that everthing is working after the restore: 3G/VVM/MMS

20. Sync your apps and music etc..

21. Bob's your Uncle! (without loosing any of your personel data as your operator insists must happen!!)


Initally I tried to compare the two plist files and modify/remove entries to match the orginal file so I could keep the <key> references the same as I don't know if they are referenced in other plist files, however this did not work afer restoring from backup.



Interesting to note is the two additional line entries for each DeviceName entry.  IP1, IP2, IP3 IP4 in my plist.





For more details on the differences in the files read my reply in this discussion.





Hope this helps people stuck with issues with their APN Configuration on iOS 5










iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    This solution works perfectly, many thanks !!

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    I have Iphne 4s/5.0.1 and I'm also stuck with same problem from last 5 days. I have restored/backup/updated the phone as many times as possible. I have been with Vodafone Customer Care (India) and now everyone knows my problem there, but there is no solution.


    I have read and tried most of the solutions provided here. Please help me out.


    Problem -


    1. 3G / Edge working when restore as new phone

    2. 3G / Edge stops working as soon as backup is restored

    3. Copied and verified both of the files (8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858 (Restored new iphone & Restored backup iphone) have different settings. Replacing part of this file or even complete text of this file, changes the date/time stamp of file and on backup restoration it says "Corrupt backup" and phone restarts.

    4. I dont want to Jailbreak the phone

    5. Using any third party software to install new APN says "Only One APN can be installed"

    6. Profile doesnt show any other APN



    Is there any other way to delete this file (com.apple.managedCarrier.plist) or just change the section where in string value is "Portalnmms" to required value "iphone" along with key?


    Please help me out.



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    Hi Cacophony,



    You need to purchase ibackupBot for iTunes (or similar) to effectively import/export (step 9.) the contents of the file.


    Failure to do so will I assume lead to the issue you are having.





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    I originally installed a fake APN (though unlockit.co.nz) in my 3GS years ago when I didn't have a data plan. When I got a data plan on my 4GS I found I couldn't get it to work because that fake APN had migrated to my new phone through the data restore process.


    I followed Alzoo's original instructions to clean out my fake APN but it turns out that the managedCarrier plist file also includes the fake APN settings and when the phone resets after the iTunes restore the phone updates the SystemPreferences again re-inserting the fake APN.


    For those with that problem I suggest you augment Alzoo's instructions by performing the same cut/paste on mobile_com.apple.managedCarrier. For me those two steps where required to solve the problem.


    Thanks to those, including Alzoo, who took the time to document what they did so the rest of us can benefit.

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    Freakin heck. Can't thank you enough mate.


    Yup, the fake APN settings I installed about 3 years ago have stuck with me since then through 3 different devices.


    I followed yours ,and the original, post and finally have 3G working on my latest device.



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    Thank you Alzoo for your concise instructions. They still work for me in 2014 with an iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 8.1, iTunes 11.4 and iBackupBot 5.2.4.


    I will note two points of difference I encountered versus your instructions:

    1. Backup file: 8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858
      In iBackupBot I could not directly import the preferences.plist file from my clean/erased backup into the System Files >> SystemPreferencesDomain >> SystemConfiguration folder in my dirty/regular backup. I first had to delete the preferences.plist file from the dirty backup before the import worked successfully. No error messages were thrown, it just wouldn't overwrite the original file.

    2. Backup file: 48e9887e8197183ef32d808af75a610f8ffa4f4c
      Back in the days of yore when there was no such thing as a "Cellular Data" on/off control in the Settings app (i.e.: iOS 3/4) my carrier gave me a Provisioning Profile to disable Cellular Data on my iPhone 3GS. Perhaps because they gave it to me as a signed managedCarrier settings file, I also had to use iBackupBot to delete the System Files >> ManagedPreferencesDomain >> mobile >> com.apple.managedCarrier.plist file before I could finally be rid of the dreaded "Could not activate cellular data network" message.

    All working now. Thanks again!