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Today I was trying to wake my MacBook from Sleep mode. It woke up for about 3 seconds, then died completely. Now it will not turn on, and when I plug it into the charger it does not indicate that it is charging (it does not light up at all). I have tried an alternate outlet. The battery does show a charge when you press the indicator button.




Early 2008, White, 2.1GHz

2GB Ram

It is on it's third charger, no wires are frayed. This one is about 4 months old.

Battery is about 6 months old (second one in unit), and has been working fine.


I have tried an SMC reset to no avail. I have tried searching the forum here, but everything I find seems to be people having issues with their batteries charging. I can't really find anything with people who have a charged battery, but the computer won't turn on at all. Other than burning through chargers (frayed cords) and the case cracking (and being replaced under Apple Care with a case that cracked even worse), I have not had any problems with the unit at all.


Ideas? The closest Apple Store is 90 minutes away from me so I can't get there until next weekend.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)