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What has changed in IOS 10.7.3, when MacBook Pro connected to television with HDMI cabel and Thunderbolt adapter? It was working earlier, but not any more!

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    There is no such thing as IOS 10.7.3, however I'm sure you intended Mac OS X 10.7.3. If you want to see what was present in the update please navigate to:





    IOS and OS X are totally different operating systems. IOS is currently for iPods, Ipads and iPhones. OS X is for all Macintosh computers.

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    There is no such thing as Mac OS X 10.7.3. However, I'm sure you intended OS X 10.7.3. Unfortunately, your link provided offer no information regarding tapsaite's problem.


    @tapsaite; it might be helpful to repost your problem with a more meaningful title. I don't know anything about this particular issue. But something along the lines of '10.7.3 update HDMI/Thunderbolt broken' might key in the people that have similar problems. They may have a solution.

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    Integr8d wrote:


    There is no such thing as Mac OS X 10.7.3. However, I'm sure you intended OS X 10.7.3. Unfortunately, your link provided offer no information regarding tapsaite's problem.



    Well you're dead wrong about that! Please look at About this Mac, it clearly says:




    In addition had you bothered to read the Apple Advice Letter I provided a link to it answered the OP's question about what was changed in 10.7.3.

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    Unfortunately, your source is out of date.


    http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/16/apple-drops-the-mac-from-os-x-lion-mountain-l ion/


    It's just OS X, now. This will be corrected, in a future software update. It's helpful to stay current, when providing information to others.


    I'm afriad that you completely missed the point of tapsaite's question. Whiile spending the majority of your reply correcting his quibble of an error in Apple's OS naming schema, the link, to the release notes that you provided, referenced nothing about the main thrust of his post (possible Thunderbolt issues). The ability to distinguish between general questions and the specific concern matters a lot, to people seeking information. We do our best to reach them on the level that helps them the most. Having a basic grasp of grammar is also prefered.

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    Wrong again! You are talking about a future product, Mountain Lion will be called OS X 10.8.x however Lion (and all other previous releases of OS X) are called Mac OS X. Look at your own computer assuming it is running 10.7.x or below. If you are testing ML then you are violation of the confidentiality agreement you agreed to or are simply a thief.


    As for missing the OP's point I answered what he asked for so how much more on-target can one get.


    I think it's time to quit your frivolous and uneducated posts.

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    Fascinating. It's odd that nowhere on this page do I find reference to Mac OS X, except, ironically, in the link itself (legacy, I tells ya').


    As for how 'on-target' one can be, I suppose it would help to understand the question that tapsaite posed. The question wasn't 'what changed in the 10.7.3 update'. The question was 'what changed in the 10.7.3 update that caused my Thunderbolt peripheral to cease funtioning'. Half of the question was direct, which, to your credit, you answered. The other half (and what most people would consider to be the thrust or gist of the question) was inferred.


    On the contrary, my posts are quite pointed. And I believe that a certain amount of education is being shared by many. But to a degree, you're right. It's time to quit.

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    Maybe its time I say something too..


    I wrote my question to get help for my troubles; now it seems I made you two fight with words.

    I made a mistake with name of OS (or Mac OS), but still... what's the point.


    Well, you were right, both, but made this support site look stupid. I hope we all learned something.

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    Check out the EFI firmware released today. They mention an HDCP fix. It's iffy as to whether or not that has anything to do with you. But it may. And there are a few other fixes. So either way, it'd be worth applying.


    FWIW, I occasionally run my MBP through my JVC RS-25 projector. I use a Displayport to HDMI adapter and have no problems with it. I haven't used it, since updating to Lion. So maybe I have the same issue. But I'll play with it tomorrow. Just check to make sure that you don't have any air gaps, make sure your cable(s) and adapters are all good and try feeding your display from another source (to make sure you're input is also still good). Those are all low-hanging fruit. After that, it's more specific questions around here and then a trip to the Apple store.



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    Finally, I went to store to check my cables... the most obvious possibility!

    I use to say everybody: check all connections (cables, power...) and then restart; now I forgot it myself.

    So, there was nothing wrong with my computer or television, this little adapter between Mac and HDMI-cable was broken.

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    That's funny. Two days ago, I ran an HDMI from my laptop into my projector and got no response. Check that. When I would unplug the cable, the laptop screen would turn blue for a second (as it does when reconfiguring resolutions). But that was it. It was super frustrating. I thought it was something in the software. Sure enough, I read your update and figured I'd try another adapter -I was already at the store. It was the adapter. The one that I originally had was from a company called Kanex. I only used it twice and I'm very gentle w/ my gear. And the one that I have now is from PNY. So hopefully it'll last longer.