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I have all Applications organized in Folders (Datenbases, Development, Multimedia etc.). Some of the Apps like Safari I have located top of the folder «Applications». But I have had 2 times QuickTime Player installed in top of the folder «/Applications» and in the subfolder «/Applications/Multimedia». None of this Players can be startet, even after deleting one of the players (same version due to «Information»-Window). Permissions are the same like for Safari oder AppStore.

Also strange: there is no Symbol for Quicktime Player anymore available, just the common Application Symbol.

iTunes is running fine, and also the Preview in the Finder Window is working.

Just the Player is not startable.

Any idea?

Thanks for your help and greeting from Zurich



(Mac OS X 10.6.8, MacMini 2.4. GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB RAM)

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Moving Apple applications to other folders may prervent them from being properly updated.

    You can't have two files with the same name in the same folder. QuickTime X belongs in the HD/Applications folder and QuickTime Player 7 belongs in the Applications/Utilities folder.

    When an Apple app loses its standard icon and displays the generic icon it means something is wrong with the app. It may not be properly connected to other needed support files.

    Move all of the Apple applications back to the HD/Applications folder. Move QuickTime Player 7 to the Applications/Utilities folder.

    Download the 10.6.8 "Combo" update and run it. This may fix some of your troubles.

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    Thank you very much for your support. After installing the Combo Update the QuickTime Player doesn't exist anymore in /Applications/ and Safari always crashes right after Startup. Is there a possibility to fix this without re-installing OS X via Installer-DVD? Software Update.app says there is all up to date.

    Kind regards


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    Is there a possibility to fix this without re-installing OS X via Installer-DVD? Software Update.app says there is all up to date.

    Re-installing the entire OS may be the safest approach. Sounds like you may have the wrong embedded QT structure/QT applications software installed. Both QT structure and QT based apps (iTunes, GarageBand, QT 10, QT 7, etc.) must be matched to work properly. By moving the apps around on your system, it appears some apps were not upgraded when the OS embedded structure was upgraded. If you can determine which versions/software builds belong together, it may be possible to manually extract/install the proper apps to match the system requirements but re-installing and then upgrading the entire system as a unit best ensures that nothing is skipped/missed along the way.



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    Thanks for your advice. There was only QT Player 10 tow times installed and no QT 7 Pro I have still on G4 Powerbook. Now Safari works again after a installing it separetly. It will take too much time to reinstall OS 10.6 and and the Combo Updates. I have to work. Now I live with VLC insteat with QT Player for the next weeks.

    Greetings from Zurich