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Hello All.

I have a iPhone4 with iOS 5.01 Non-JB

Today Got a iDevice dock which have a HDMI Port that I could connect to my A/V Receiver which is great.


The HDMI works fine on Audio and Video. I even tested the MP4 video with AC3 audio (Passthrough iDevice can't play it but OK when you connect a TV with HDMI) it works perfect! but under 1 conndiction!


I must start the media after 10 second!


For example. The audio or video is last for 5 mins.

If I play it from the start 0:00 second. video / audio will drop at 10th second.! (it shows playing but no video and audio.)

if I turn off / on my AV receiver resume the playback from 13th second , the rest will be ok.


I don't know that's going on here.

please help!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1