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Good day,


  Due to issues with users modifying certain settings on their MacBook Pro's I am restricting access to the "Users & Groups" and the "Sharing" System Preferences panes in OS X Lion. I am doing this by using Workgroup Manager on Lion Server. The issue I am running in to is that anything in the "Other"  system preferences pane is now greyed out on all managed devices. This is posing an issue for our developers who are unable to access the MySQL pane. Has any one run into / found a work around for this issue?


  This is also posible an issue for Mac Home Sync as users are now unable to access their Home Sync preferences.




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Did you ever find a workaround of fix for this?


    I found something about a week ago, but didn't save the instructions and now I'm struggling to find it again.

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    Enabling System Preference Panes requires getting the CFBundleIdentifer for the PrefPane and adding it into the array.

    For example, for the FlashPlayer plug-in it will be something like this:


    Regarding iCloud, you need to be sure if you added it back in that you entered the exact Bundle Identifier string. You can get that easily at the command line using the following:

    defaults read /System/Library/PreferencePanes/iCloudPref.prefPane/Contents/Info CFBundleIdentifier

    On my Mac that returns "com.apple.preferences.icloud"

    Do the same for any 3rd party Pref Panes, but of course use the correct path (usually /Library/PreferencePanes/)


    Once you have the BundleIdentifier you can add that string to the WorkGroup Manager array.