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I am having trouble with installing Final Cut Pro X on my Mac Pro desktop.  I have downloaded the software from the App store 3 times and still can't figure out what is going on.  I have installed the same App on my MBP without any issues.  On my desktop once I click to open FCPX it loads and then stops loading giving me a screen that says "Loading compressor support".  At first, I thought o.k. it's looking for the components of compressor.  I have not downloaded the latest compressor App.  I didn't have it on my Laptop and everything is fine.  After awhile the beach ball just spins.  Whatever is going on must be major because it freezes my computer up and I am unable to open anything else nor use the restart, shut down feature.  I have to physically turn it off and then reboot.  Once, I reboot FCPX is running but not running.  I am able after reboot to force quit the App.  I own FC7 and actually removed this from my computer because of issues that may occur having both on the same hard disk.  The same problem is occurring.  It's very frustrating.  Can anyone please help me with this.  I've trashed preferences, trashed the App and still nothing doing.  I also did a disk repair and that didn't help either.  Before I removed FC7 from my desktop it was working fine.  When I installed FCPX, FC7 would load and then "quit unexpectantly".  Need Help! 


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)