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So I had some notes which were linked to iCloud. But for some reason I can't work out, when I sync to my mac (to backup/do other stuff) it then duplicates my notes, so that they are both in iCloud and on my Mac. Which means when I unplug my iPhone I then have duplicates of my entries on my iPhone - showing notes from both locations on my phone.


In frustration I have thus far kept having to delete one set of notes on my iPhone - usually the set from my Mac. Well today for some annoying reason it split my notes - keeping two in iCloud and moving two to my Mac account (no idea why). So I deleted the two from the 'mac' side of my iphone, to find that they no longer exist on my iCloud (I haven't turned on or off iCloud so it shouldn't have moved from there in the first place).


I'm assuming that I can't restore my old notes and that they're lost?

How has iCloud managed to lose these? Little worrying.

How can I change it so that it stops backing up to my mac as well? I can't seem to do it on my iPhone and I can't seem to do it on my Mac either (running Lion).