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This is embarrassing.


I was doing some testing on one of my test Libraries. I came across Frank's Super Double Secret Probation method for figuring out how many photos you have in your Library. (sorry, I forget the name Kirby gave to the link to Frank's suggestion)


Anyway, I gave it a try, apparently I did something incorrectly and now I've Lost All My Photos. (sort of)


The photos aren't gone, they're all there in the one single Project.


I click on Projects and I see the Project and I can scroll through the images.


But, when I click on Photos (directly under Projects) there are no photos. (the count to the right is blank as well)


The Search Box on the upper right shows Showing All.


I click on the search pull down and choose Show All Control+6, nothing.


I quit Aperture and restarted and tried all of the above again. No change. No photos when selecting Photos.


What did I do that I can't seem to undo?


(I need to be dropped to a Level -1 poster)