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I'm using my iPad to study and some of the web pages that I have practice tests on will not let me scroll to the bottom of the page? I can only see and answer the first few questions? It has done this before on other websites too & I don't know why or what I need to do to access the whole page? Please advise, I appreciate your help!


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iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    If the text is within a frame - Try a two finger scroll and see if that works. Use a light touch. It takes a little practice.

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    Thank you, my fellow steelers fan! But it didn't work, its not the fact that i havent mastered scrolling or how to do it, I can scroll on other pages on the same website even, but in a particular format view or something it doesn't let me?


    Does anyone know what I'm talking about or ever had this problem? It will only let me see what is in page view, when I turn vertical I get more access to the page & screen but still won't let me scroll past where the page view originally is when you first get to the page? Do I need a special app or some kind of setting that will let me scroll on this type of page? I can scroll on most any website page all the way to the bottom of a page just fine? Please help!!!!!

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    If it is a website that you could share here, someone might have a better idea, if they can try it themselves.


    There is a difference betwwen swiping on the page on the iPad - and a two finger scroll. They are not the same thing.

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    The website is a login for school site, so I can't share the info unfortunately so u can see what I'm talking about. But again i can scroll and swipe on any page except this particular section where all the questions are listed, won't scroll past the screen shot. But on my computer it scrolls all the questions, I don't know how else to explain it, but its something someone has to know about? It's happened on another site before but I dont remember which one. Just thought it was a website issue but obviously it's not. Someone please help!

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    You may want to contact the webite support people and see if it is even possible to use the iPad to the fullest extent for this site. Maybe another browser would support it better - iCab Mobile or Atomic.


    The only way that I know to get to text withing a frame in Safari is the two finger scroll which I already stated but you said that you have tried that.


    This is Apple's support site that talks about the issue that you are having.