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on Activity Monitor, why am i seeing two CVMCompiler?

under kind, one of them says "Intel(64 bit)"

and the other one just says "Intel"


and i am only seeing one CVMCompiler on my other computer




MacBook Pro
  • Michael Steinfeld Level 1 (10 points)
      CVMCompiler -- Mac OS X Core Virtual Machine Compiler 



    CVMCompiler is a transient system daemon that performs generic slave

         tasks controlled by CVMServer.


         There are no configuration options to CVMCompiler.  Users should not run


    CVMServer -- Mac OS X Core Virtual Machine Server 


    Launchd is the parent process, so it starts on reboot. Did you install Parallels ? I'm not sure their exact job but their footprint is pretty small. It seems OSX Lion is isolating different tasks to run in a virtual machine. I'd love to hear more from someone that knows exactly what it is and doing.

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    i have the same problem on mountain lion and in my case both said (64bit).... now while check the activity monitor i just realised that i only have 1 and not 64bit!