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In protools there is a feature called "Tab To Transients" I noticed that Flex mode has a slicing mode, but you CAN'T actually Cut precisely at that transient, or am I doing something wrong. Also, once the transiets are all sliced, is there a way to Quantize the regions (transients/region). And also quantize the regions to lets say a desired swing? in the parameter audio, I don't want the quantization to actually move the audio displayed just the region as if that one region was a midi note

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    I think that you are confusing two different functions?


    With Logic, you can "TAB to Transients" using the Marquee tool: make a single selection and use the left/right arrows to move the selection. Cut the region using the "Split by...marquee selection key command.




    You can also 'slice' a region into multiple slices at transients by enabling Flex mode & Flex view. Once you have done this, Control Click on the region and choose 'Slice at Transient Markers'.


    If all you want do do is quantise and audio region, or bits of it, you can do this directly using Flex.


    Perhaps these will help:








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    thanks, but like i said, i didn't want to Flex the audio, I want to quantize the transient of the region, not what's inside... Like if i have three snare chopped, I want to quantize the chop not what's inside the region. Flex only seems to quantize the region

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    You can try this guy's two part series.


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew6WEBU9dK4&feature=plcp&context=C355cd75UDOEgsTo PDskJAxaeKVU-5lPtLFVEwf4Se


    If I remember correctly he's on 8 and the tab/cut/tab/cut doesn't work the same in 9.  One thing you can do is look up the key command for "slice region at transients" - after you use it it will be available in the right-click menu.  You will need to break up the drums into 32 bar chunks for the slice region to work.  You can adjust the transients in the sample editor. 


    I don't remember the specifics of what his method is or when things get cut, so you may have to get creative to make it work for you.

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    Flex has a slice mode that will do what you need

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    I need Region quantize as if the regions itself were MIDI BLOCKS


    THANK you for answering my questions about tab to transients, but I still need the quantize option

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    Start in flex mode, slice mode


    Adjust up transients inside the audio window - you can play with different quantize values at this point to hear how they will sound.


    In the arrange window, highlight the audio region and either right/option click or key command "slice at transient markers"


    You can then quantize the resulting new regions by highlighting them in the event window and quantizing there.


    HINT: At this point turning off flex  for the new chopped regions will probably make them sound more natural.

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    This does NOT quantize regions, for the 3rd time this ONLY quantizes what's inside the regions.

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    What are you talking about "what's inside the regions"? These are audio regions and yes they can be quantized from within the event window. I've been doing it in Logic only for the last 15 years.


    but you know best.

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    Yes, but Slice mode cuts what's inside the region as if each of the 'sounds' inside the regions were a unique region. No audio is time stretched: if you quantize a drum track and one of the 'sounds' are moved to the left, there will be a gap after that sound, just as if it was a 'physical' region, or almost as you say - as if that one *slice* was a midi note.


    You can apply swing percentage and q-strength to the 'invisble slices' in a region in Flex/Slice mode.


    Due to this major improvement in Logic 9, there's usually no need to slice regions. If you know about any benefits I'm not aware of with actually dividing a region into many small regions, please let me know. :-)



    you CAN'T actually Cut precisely at that transient



    If you really want to do what you say you want to do (and which I don't think you really want) , you can always just detect a source region's transients, make sure they are correctly placed, and use the key command called "Slice at Transient Markers".




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    KennaOkoye wrote:


    This does NOT quantize regions, for the 3rd time this ONLY quantizes what's inside the regions.



    Selecting the audio regions in the Event list, and then quantising them (as Malcolm has told you, twice now) actually *does* quantise the audio regions, generally such that the start of the region is moved to the quantise grid, or the Anchor is moved to the Quantise grid if the Anchor is not at the start of the region.



    Also, as suggested, you may well find that the desired musical effect can be achieved just using Flex properly.



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    Due to this major improvement in Logic 9, there's usually no need to slice regions. If you know about any benefits I'm not aware of with actually dividing a region into many small regions, please let me know. :-)




    If you've quantized a flex track and have the timing down the way you want it but can't get rid of all the artifacts (I will sometimes have this problem when q'ing guitar tracks) if you slice at transients and then UN-flex the resulting regions, the result can sound more natural . . plus if you later on decide to change the tempo of the track, even though a flexed track will initially try to follow, if you do any further editing i find it can get fouled up. If you have sliced regions, it may sound great as soon as you change tempo, or at most a little bit of fade in and fade out is all you need. and you can change tempo later on to yer heart's content


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    Event list.... for some reason, I was in the inspector! smh im sorry !!!!! 

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    cool -


    sorry in return for my snippiness . .



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    Haha not at all no hard feelings!!!!