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Ok I Have Bought Apple Magic Trackpad for My 2009 24inch Apple iMac Computer & I Had a Question about The Apple Magic Trackpad how long does The Battery Life Last in Apple Magic Trackpad? cause I Do have AA Rechargable Eneloop Batteries ready for My Apple Magic Trackpad & I Wanted to know how long does The Battery Life last in Apple Magic Trackpad & I Read a little bit of the Instructions to get me started up on Apple Magic Trackpad & it was very easy to set up & stuff, very easy but The Battery Life, will this Apple Trackpad Battery Life last for 1 Week? Well i'm Ready for The Battery to fail cause I Have Rechargable AA Eneloop Batteries I Buy Online from Amazon.com & it's SANYO AA Rechargable Batteries so i have a few of those should I Need to Order up Some more SANYO Rechargable  AA & AAA Batteries for me? & I Have The SANYO Recharger to Recharge My Batteries so do you think i need more?



I Heard these SANYO Rechargable Batteries have very good in leading Batteries Cause I Checked out The SANYO Batteries Website & I Have bought there Batteries on Amazon.com cause thats the only place I Can buy them cause I Don't see them in Stores & there very hard to get & I Been using them since 2008



if anyone needs Batteries for Apple Trackpad & For Camera's I Recommand SANYO Recharable Batteries, Someone Online got me into these Batteries in 2008 when I 1st bought My Canon PowerShot A2100 IS Digital Camera in 2008




for more info if anyone needs help finding Batteries that last a long time go here http://www.eneloop.info/home.html

if i put that link on here & if i was not suppose to do it i'm Sorry i was only trying to help others find good Batteries for others in case they needed good Batteries that last a long time thats all, i was only trying to help out thats all thats for people who don't know to much about Batteries?



I See these Apple Trackpads uses AA Energizer Batteries cause I Open it to see what The Batteries look like & there Energizer Batteries but I Cover it back up & i'm using My Apple Trackpad right now so far this Trackpad works Excellent for me, No Problem for me so far looking Good & I Said on here I was never gonna use an Apple Trackpad cause I Don't believe in them but I Been using them when I Go to The Apple Store & I Just decided to buy 1 to Try The Apple Trackpad out & it works Excellent. 



From your Fellow Apple Costumer Byron.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Mid 2009 24inch Apple iMac Computer
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    Glad to hear you got yourself another toy!!   I also use rechargeable batteries - much less expensive in the long run. I like the Energizer rechargeables - use them in my cameras too.


    I think the link will be okay, but remember for the future that you're only supposed to post links if it's in answer to somebody's question, okay.


    As for how long the batteries will last - depends on how much you use the trackpad. My original batteries lasted about 3 weeks if I remember correctly.

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    I Like SANYO Eneloop Batteries I Believe they last longer cause I Did use Energizer Batteries & they burned out very fast cause i was using My Canon Camera a lot & it died out when I was at a Club i was at so when I Use SANYO Eneloop Batteries they lasted Longer & they were Rechargable & I Prefer SANYO Eneloop Batteries but My family uses Energizer & Deracell Batteries, I Use SANYO Recharable Batteries for Me on My Electronic Devices like My Canon Camera & Remote Controls.

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    Well, I bought two packs of 4 Energizer  rechargeable batteries in 2006 and they lasted until late last year, so I was happy with that performance. They were mostly used in my cameras - didn't have the bluetooth keyboard or trackpad then.

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    I use the Eneloops too.  But estimating battery life is hard to do since it really depends on how much you use the device.  I use my TP relatively little so the batteries last for about 1 to 1.5 months.  My primary pointing device is my magic mouse which I use heavily. The (Eneloops) in it last on the average 9 days for me.


    It only takes a few seconds to pop new batteries in so it no big deal.  There's always a bunch in my charger (La Crosse BC-700).


    Been using these things for more than a year now rotating through the same set of 8 batteries; 4 always in the charger and 2 each in the TP and mouse.

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    Every time I Turn on My iMac Computer this Message keeps coming on but it has been doing this since I Set up My Apple Magic Trackpad




    Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address (


    Try connecting again later. If you continue to have problems, change the IP address of this computer or the IP address of the other device. Contact the network administrator if you need more information.



    so what should I do? is there a way I Can turn off this message for good?

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    I have never heard of that message coming on because of the trackpad; usually that has to do with a wireless network. Although Bluetooth is wireless, it really isn't a "network", so I really have no idea what could be causing that. Searching through the support site, I found this which has a lot of good information - take a look at all of it and see if there is something that might help - otherwise, hopefully someone else has an idea:



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    I Think it was My Belkin Wireless N' Router Home Network Router cause I Have it Set up to The iMac Computer to The Optimum Online Service another words I Had The Ethernet Internet & The WiFi Belkin Wireless N' Router Home Network going, I Think it wanted me to Choose only 1 Connection instead of Having The Ethernet Connection & WiFi Connection on at the same time



    I Connected My iMac Computer & The Optimum Online & The Belkin Wireless N' Router Home Network up to go WiFi Only & I Deleted The Ethernet Connection in My Network Area in System Preferences.



    do you know what i'm talking about?

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    Yes, I know what you're talking about: I have my iMac connected via ethernet and also have a router - but, you should not have both ethernet AND wireless on the same computer at the same time. If that's what you did, then maybe that's where the problem came from.

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    well i choose 1 Now.