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hello everyone,


I am a new Mac user. I own a MacBook Pro running on Mac OS X v.10.7.2 Lion

here is the issue... everytime I come and work in my office... my Mac will not reconnect automatically to the wireless network there.


The thing that has worked in the past was to go in the network diagnostics menu

where I would get assisted to set up a DHCP connection

I would restart the DSL modem then the router

and the connection would finally work.


Also when the computer goes to sleep or i close the lid then it will do the same and I would have to restart all that hardware again.


This only happens in my office and when I try to log on other wireless networks, I just enter a password and it works fine


No need to tell you that it is a huge hassle because I cannot cut the internet connection of my colleagues everytime i want to reconnect


any suggestions on how to solve this problem?