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Is there a problem with facetime as it turns green after a period of time whilst a call is in tack, the call itself continues but the screen turns green? The caller can still communicate but the image is gone... Please help?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    same problem here. Anybody?

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    You don't have enough band width on your Internet connection hence the images breakup.

    Voice will still work as a VIOP call like skype.


    If you have an ADSL broadband service via a a telephone line the available bandwidth can fluctuate greatly even more so if you have a metered/capped service as well.


    Further ADSL as it states is Asymmetric meaning the download speed (Marketed by most ISPs) may be 20+mb however your uploads may actually be little more than 1Mb - This is NOT enough - You need around 5mb+ uploads for stable Face Timing.


    Solution try to see if you can upgrade your broadband .


    Your router could also be bottlenecked - Anything less than an 802.11N device -thats a B or G router will cap your available over air bandwidth.


    If someone on the network is streaming video or backing up files that will also restrict your face time experience.


    Summary the problem is related to your Internet service/network equipment or both but not your phone.

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    helloo....can i know..when i using face time it suddenly turn into green....

    why this happen and how to fix it

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    hi. id like to disagree with the response for this issue. my friend and i are having the same issues with facetime. the problem first happened with his face time a couple of days ago. we often facetime since its how we work online. he does facetime with his family too, but he never had the same issues with them. mine just started today. weve both had the same connetion (respectivey) since we had our macbooks and this never occured until these past few days.


    there was even a time when my isp totally went down (routher issue i caused after i attempted to change passwords) that i just had to use my iphones personal hotspot to connect my macbook to facetime and i never had this issue.


    pls any more sensible reasons whats causing our screens to go green during facetime??

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    hello apple....recently i had update softawe 10.8.4 os x on my macboook pro...but when i facetime using my macbook the green screen occur again....why? can it be fixed? thanksss

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    hello! ive had the same problem with the green screen as well, and it started happening to me almost two weeks ago. 


    facetime starts out well but in the next 3-5minutes, the facetime screen begins to flash fast, alternating images between a green screen and the image or view of the person im doing facetime with.  this flashing happens for the next 3-5 minutes and then the facetime screen just totally goes green. but all these time this is happening, the person i am doing facetime with is able to hear me and see me still.  on my end, i am only able to hear them.


    i used to think that this green screen issue was isolated and specific to my mac, and would be fixed by rebooting my device, which i did but didnt solve the issue. but after reading this thread (and several others in blogs and posts outside this site) and now knowing how many people have this issue, this seems to be a really serious issue to a lot of people - an issue that needs resolution soon.


    and it cant be a connection issue either - ive had the same broadband connection for the longest time, ive never had this sort of problem, even with the many devices at home being used at the same time, and facetime used by different devices at the same time at that, plus streaming and online games. it cant be the connection, no way.


    i hope you find resolution to this soon i hope. and hopefully we wont have to be asked to pay for fixing this. we've already experienced enough inconvenience.

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    I dont think it is a bandwidth issue as when I called someone on my iMac I faced the same situation above but when I called them on my ipad no issue. Same wifi.

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    O.K.  Now comes the fun part.  I work for an ISP and we have two different customers in the same town who have experienced the same problem.  And, as a network engineer, I have been able to reliably recreate the problem.  As well, I have engaged an Apple developer to get some assistance. 


    Service at near end customer location is up to 1X10 Mbps  (818 kbps X 10 Mbps)  PPPoE over ADSL2+ connection.


    Service at far end customer location is up to 5X30 Mbps  (3 Mbps X 10 Mbps) Ethernet over cable modem.


    Near end device as a mobile SD device talking to a far end mobile SD device . . . works fine.  Occassionally vertical lines of pixelization will mess with the video but it will stay running.


    Near end device as a mobile SD device talking to a far end OSX or iOS HD device . . . the far end device will almost immediately start flashing green, then go completely green.  If the far end device is running iOS and does not disconnect quickly it will reboot with a kernel panic.  If the far end device is running OSX the video will just stay green and eventually the Facetime application will fail with tons of errors.  On one occassion it rebooted the OSX device.


    Although we have not yet been able to verify it, we believe that it only happens when there is insufficient bandwidth from an HD device coming back through an Internet connection that is upstream (inbound) constrained.  But, we have attempted to model this over and over and over as a constrained connection in a lab over Ethernet without a failure.  It must be a specific kind of constraint that causes this situation.


    Upon performing packet captures on the near end, all we see is that the far end HD device stops transmitting packets.  The near end device continues to transmit packets until the Facetime session is ended.  We even tunneled through a PPTP tunneling server to perform the same exact set of tests and all the same results occurred.


    The near end network connection is somehow impacting and sometimes even killing the far end devices.  But, it seems to be device video resolution dependent.


    Will add more as we learn more.


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    For what it's worth I have the same problem with iPad2 far end, mid-2010 MacBookPro near end, near end flickers, then flickers green, then freezes solid green, after about 10 mins of a call. 


    Don't have the same problem using iPhone 4/4S or iPad2 at near end.

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    I have an iPad, iPhone, and iMac.  I just updated the iMac today to the latest OS and am now getting the green screen on facetime calls.  Facetime on my other devices, that have not been updated, is still working properly. I'm sure it has something to do with the lastest OS update.  It is most certainly NOT related to my bandwidth or internet service as I have the fastest available and have never had a problem with it before the update.

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    Keith's suggestion IS NOT related to the green flickering screen. Bandwich will only cause a lag on the video not Facegreen. Apple, please do something...


    Facetime works fine on iPhone and iPad, except on my macbook air.

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    I agree, this is not completely a bandwidth issue. My kids can call their friends using thier iPods on both ends of the connection, but if I call my kids using my Mid 2010 MBP running 10.8.5, I get the green screen problem. Same internet connection, no other bandwidth usage during my calls but if I am home, I can be surfing while they make their calls and they still don't get the green screen iPod to iPod.

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    Agreed, I am only experiencing the green screen from my iMac desktop which has the best bandwidth connection. All other devices call the same person and they have the lower bandwidth but only on this machine are there problems. Most annoying.

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    I'm based in Singapore (ISP: Starhub) and have had the same problem for months. Definetely not a bandwith problem. Why won't Apple respond with suggestions/troubleshooting?