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If I purchase a MacBook Air 11" I want to be able to connect my new LG 23" monitor AND to connect my many LaCie and iOmega FireWire 800 Hard drives.  With my MacBook Pro 13" (Mid-2010) I can do both simultaneously.


But with the MacBook Air 11" - there are no FW ports, and only 1 Thunderbolt port.  So it seems:


  1. I can use the mini-display adapter to go from the MacBook Air 11" Thunderbolt port to the LG Monitor (or??)
  2. In a few months, when the Sonnet Thunderbolt to FW adapter comes out, I can connect my FW800 Hard Drives

(The Allegro™ FW800 Thunderbolt™ Adapter enables users to plug in a FireWire® 800 device, including a bus-powered drive, to any computer with a Thunderbolt port. [Ships Q2, 2012]).


OK BUT:  Can I have the external monitor connected AND have the FW800 HD's connected AT THE SAME TIME?  I know one can daisychain with Thunderbolt - but how would I do that in this case?


Thanks for any comments, guesses, information or feedback.


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Steve Schulte

Tuesday 21 February 2012

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    You can daisy-chain, PROVIDED the requisite adapters/devices in the chain support it. Not all Tunderbolt devices support daisy-chaining, therefore must be at the end of any "chain". None of the projected Sonnet products seem to support it either. So, unless that other device you plan to use supports it (the monitor), you are unable to use them simultaneously. I suppose it gives some comfort to Apple on the pricing of their Tunderbolt Display.

  • Stephen Schulte2 Level 2 (170 points)

    Thanks for your reply!  It seems if I would purchase a Thunderbolt external Hard Drive it would have in and out thunderbolt ports, and I could then (in theory) go from the MBP to the Thunderbolt HD to the LG monitor. 


    Any comments on that idea appreciated--



    Sunday 26 February 2012