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My computer recently crashed. So I therefore lost all my songs on itunes. We had to buy another computer. I know that when I now to go to connect my ipod I must select manuel synching, so I don't lose any of the information currently on my ipod.
However I don't understand one thing. I currently have no songs on my itunes. So when I tried connecting my ipod to my sister's computer (who had created a list of songs for me), my ipod only charged. My icon Did show up on her list, but it did not give me the option to update the ipod. Why is that? Also, there was a lock symbol showing on the lower right hand side of the screen. Does that mean my ipod is locked? How do I remove that? And will removing that allow me to then update my ipod?

ipod mini, Windows XP
  • Marc Larouche Level 4 Level 4

    If Your iPod Is on Manual sync, then You have to Drag and Drop the songs From Library To iPod. That's it That's all! hehe. You can also drag and drop an entire Playlist.

    For the Lock, Normally there is a symbole appearing on the LEFT side, which means taht the HOLD SWITCH is on, so taht you dont accidently scroll or click and change the song's position or song.

    I don't see what your problem could be if this is not what you need.

    Marc larouche