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I swapped video cards and ran some time tests using compressor 4 creating some HD files for the web - switching between the stock ATI 256 mb card vs. the ATI 5870 which costs $300+. I am using a single cinema display. Aside from the pop up screen telling me that I have the wrong video card installed when using compressor 4 on the stock ATI card - I got no difference at all in render times or any other real world functionality when using the stock 2600 video card vs the upgraded ATI 5870. So what is the point in having a more expensive video card installed if there is no bump is render speed or functionality - aside from running multiple monitors or playing games which I am not doing? My test was to encode several 1080 HD clips exported from FCP into various size quicktime web vids. I was expecting to at least get a bump in render times. So what is the point of paying for the upgraded card if there is no real performance? As far as I can tell the only difference is that compressor 4 with the stock card has the pop up warnign screen. Other that that - everything is pretty much the same.  

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    As you have figured out, Compressor does not utilize the video card. It is a CPU/RAM operation.


    Where a higher performance video card comes into play is with Motion and some Final Cut effects


    If you run AfterEffects, Premiere or any 3d modeling software, you might want to look into the nVidia Quadro 4000 with the CUDA engine. It helps massively.



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    Hmm.. not to sure if thats completely true. Maybe for NOT utilised transcoding. Transcoding is not a friend of vector processors... (well at time of writing)... However.... 


    As an example you can add a Motion project (vectors maybe) to Compressor.app and using job segmenting it will RENDER the project out say as PRORES 4444 in parallel. Very useful for loads of sets to render!


    To be clear this is using MULTIPLE INSTANCEs of COMPRESSOR (not rendering).


    I have the ATI 5870 in this MAC PRO and use it a lot with MOTION projects and COMPRESSOR via QUICKCLUSTER... works ok.


    This was a nice tip from Mark Spencer many years ago.



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