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Does anyone know if there's a distribution of R for iPad?





  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,815 points)

    If there is, it would be in the iTunes Store. I've found a few statistics packages, but no release of R or anything close to its power. Perhaps someone else will have a recommendation. Or you can search the iTunes Store for "statistics" or something similar and see if anything turns up that would work for you.



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    Thanks Dave.


    I'd allready searched for it in the iTunes Store (the portuguese one) but all I could find was some apps, none of them with the power of R.


    I read in a post (don't remember where) that it would be difficult to implement R in iOS due to the fact R is a programming language and the restrictions that Apple impose on their iOS apps. I don't understand why, because Codea is an iOS app. But I'm not a versed person in this matters...


    I believe that the iPad is already able to handle most of the R packages.


    Thanks again

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    At one time Apple did not allow other interpreters in iOS, but they relaxed that stricture a year or more ago now, though something like R might still be prohibited. Even if allowed, it's a pretty complex problem, since R uses FORTRAN which isn't supported in iOS. Even if R got ported, packages that use FORTRAN, tcl/tk, Java, Perl or other such libraries wouldn't work which probably would seriously limit the use of R in many cases.


    For now, at least, probably your only option is to take control of a computer with R from your iPad.



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    Thanks again Dave


    Your explanation was very useful e I could learn from it.