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Looking for some advice. I have a Macbook Pro and have recently upgraded its 4gb to 8gb. There hasnt been much difference to be honest however when in Activity Monitor I do seem to get a high Inactive Memory volume.


At the moment it reads


Free - 2.76gb

Wired - 1.06gb

Active - 2.30gb

Inactive - 1.88gb

Page In - 4.48gb

Page Out - 2.0mb



I understand that Inactive is RAM reserved for recent applications in order for them to open quicker, however I have rebooted and the only application I have open is Safari and yet still 1.88gb Inactive memory, surely this is too high


Can anyone offer any advice? Could this be faultly memory?


Also how high should VM memory be?


Thanks All



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)