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I am finding it incredible that there is no easy way to set up a system so that I can easily sync selected data from my macbook air to my mac mini desktop and vice versa. I've been looking around and there are a dozen cloud based systems that charge a bundle for effectively backing up and then synching data. but that is not what I am interested in.  I would like a solution to using my macbook air on the road, then when i get home connect to my mac mini my private network and sync the data that I created, updated, deleted.


I have a time capsule but i am finding it difficult to figure out how to make it work? Is it possible for me to sync my air through the lion server on the mac mini and then backup the server with the time capsule? This seems like it should be a simple and painless inclusion in Lion? It is very un- Apple like that it takes a third party service to simply sync two computers that are in the same location and owned by the same person. I understand that iCloud can do this, but I need more than 200 GB of space and I don't want to pay a fortune. After all, don't they market the air as the on the go computer to go with a mac desktop?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    If you are simply trying to sync just data between

    computers, there are any number of third party sync

    programs that can do that over your home network.

    Most will allow you tos set up any number of folders

    on one computer that you want to sync to another.


    Another option, depending on the amount of data,

    is to connect an additional hard drive or USB memory

    stick to the time capsule.  You can then use one of the

    sync programs have each computer sync to it.  Having

    an additional backup of just data, besides what Time Machine

    provides, is a good idea anyway. 


    If you are also talking about syncing mail, bookmarks,

    contacts, etc. Apple's iCloud can do some of this,

    however syncing email is still problematic unless all

    your email sources are IMAP based..


    Also, if you are comfortable with working with command line

    utilities, you may want to check out the system supplied

    rsync.  This may do what yo want.  Using command shell

    scripting, you can create any sort of operations you wish.

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    Thanks. What programs are you specifically talking about? The syncing of data is the big thing, of course, I'd be psysched if I could figure out how to get everything synced and then I selectively choose what goes on the mini which has significantly less space.


    I wish I was more comfortable with the command scrips becuase from the research that i've done rsych seems like a good solution.

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    Currently i use dropbox to transfer files between my devices you can purchase 50GB for $9.99/m or $99/y, or you can use airdrop on your mac if you are doing mac to mac transfers