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Three days ago my iPhone 4 fell in some water, and would not turn on. I immediately put it in a ziplock bag with a silica packet. I took it out, and inspected the water damage indicators, both of which appeared all white. Now, my phone will turn on, but only when connected to an outlet. It shows the silver/white apple logo on the black screen for a little. Then it turns to the basic iPhone start page, where it says slide to open in different languages. Once I slide  I have to enter my passcode. Upon this it turns to the same logo for dfu mode, but with a silverish background. When plugged into the outlet it can charge all the way. However, the phone only turns on when connected to the outlet, never by itself, or  more importantly, when connected to my computer. Is there anything I can do by myself? I don't think its a battery issue, but then again, I'm no apple genius. Getting to the apple store is a bit of a hastle, but I can get there if need be.



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1