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These are the directions only for the Video iPod. - Updater for Windows From MegaUpload - Updater for Mac From Softpedia

1. Your iPod needs to be in disk mode (look in iTunes Preferences, under iPod tab) and you need to have your computer set to View Hidden files.

Now navigate to My Computer and open your iPod navigate to iPod_Control\Device
Open SysInfo with Notepad.

Find and change
buildID: 0x06108000
buildID: 0x05908000

2. This will trick the iPod Updater into thinking you have an old firmware.
Install the 2005-11-17 Updater. Next, when it is finished installing, restart your comptuer. After the reboot, run the program that you just installed. When it loads, click "Update". Once the program says the update is complete, your iPod has been downgraded.

If you have any questions, email me at

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