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Is there a way to change the order of calendars in the iCal calendar list?  I want them in alphabetical order and since adding a few new calendars they are no longer in alphabetical order.  Is there a way to re-order calendars?  When I open iCal, I see the option to click on the "calendars" button and it displays all of my calendars.  Where is where I want them alphabetical order.  I can click on a calendar and it shows a movable line, yet it wont' stay where I drop it.  The calendar continues to go back to the original spot.

iCal, iOS 5.0.1
  • Andrew Thomas3 Level 1 (15 points)

    I have this same exact issue. I want to change the sequence of the calendars. I have 6 calendars "on my mac" and maybe 3 subscriptions. I have noticed that, no matter which I choose for "default calendar" in preferences, new events are always created in the calendar that is at the top of the list. I would much prefer a different default calendar, and it looks like I can drag and drop to change the sequence, but it wont stick when I drop it. It appears to be so simple, but it's a real pain!

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    this is driving me bonkers also. 


    in iCal 5, i discovered that the only thing one had to do was drag the calendars to the order you want.  that wasn't documented anywhere, but i discovered it by accident.  but it solved my problem of invitations going to the wrong calendar years ago since iCal adds the calendar events  to the calendar displayed at the top of the list...  for a long time, i resorted to "busySync" since i couldn't get the calendars to work right in iCal by default... 


    in iCal6, i can't get the order changed either.  in my iCal6 that i'm trying to set up, it doesn't let me select a subscribed calendars as default.  and the interface doesn't seem to allow moving the subscribed calendars to the top...  so events are put on the wrong calendar.  and unlike the iPhone, one cannot edit the event an select another calendar... 


    at this point, i deleted the local and subscribed calendars.  but i can't figure out how to delete the calendar that gets set up from the system pref -> mail, calendar, etc...  the workaround i plan is to delete everything and add only 1 subscribed calendar if i can figure out how to make that happen without resorting to "newfs"...  i can't believe after this many years of iCal that this works this badly... 


    good luck to all of us.  hopefully, someone may have discovered and will post the secret... 

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    i can't stand it.  i deleted the calendars in iCal, deleted the gmail account entry from system prefs, deleted all the calendar info in ~/library/prefs and ~/library/calendars.  re-entered the gmail account information in sysPrefs for mail, contacts, deselected calendar from the subscription option before creating the account.  then i started iCal and resubscribed to the single google calendar i need to use.  the "calendar" list shows only my subscribed calendar.  no other calendars appear any any menus. 


    then i tried openting mail.app and adding a calendar invitation from mail.  iCal created the event, but it is not assigned to any calendar. ARGH!!  it appears that iCal6 will not allow adding events to a subscribed calendar, unless someone can think of something else...  :-(

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    I was frustrated with the same problem.  I have discovered that although you can't drag the calendars around on iCal on your desktop, you can do so on iCloud.  Once you drag them to the order you want on iCloud (logging in to icloud.com), the new order will shortly be reflected on your desktop, iPad, and iPhone/iPodTouch.

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    If you use iCloud with your iCal, be VERY CAREFUL! If you stop using iCloud, you will lose ALL of your calendars, even if they were orginally on your Mac. It's as if once you use iCloud, your data is sent to Apple, then that data is erased from your Mac. Other than a warning that the data will be deleted from iCloud, there is nothing warning you that ALL of your data will be gone. No options! No settings! No warnings!


    I stopped using iCloud within a few days of starting it. It ruthlessly abducted 99% of my internet bandwidth for its updates; everything slowed to a crawl; browsing simple websites took 15 minutes to download... EACH! I thought I had a virus until I noticed my router going crazy (as well as my network seen in Activity Monitor). It was as if I had a virus. Finally, I realized this all started when I activated iCloud. To test my theory, I shut down iCloud, thinking it was no big deal. It fixed my network problem, but totally erased ALL of my calendars, schedules and appointments.


    I have no idea if my thousands of Aperture photos, Pages documents (legal contracts), Keynote presentations, etc., years of data, would be gone if I were to have uploaded them, too.


    After the constant 3.7-year (avg) cycle of losing my data, emails addresses, etc. to a new Apple "improvement"...

    iTools   2000 - 2002  (2yrs)

    .Mac   2002-2008  (6yrs)   

    MobileMe   2008-2011  (3yrs)

    iCloud   2011-Present (???yrs,  2011+3.7 avg = 2014 end of life?!)


    ...I have finished trusting Apple with my data! Apple isn't building "data farms" and servers, they are building immense data incinerators.

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    Glen M, I am sorry to hear you've had so many problems.  I've used Apple Mac computers for 21 years without the loss of even one piece of data.  I do use Time Machine, which makes it incredibly easy to back up and thus ensure you don't lose data.  I used iCloud for a brief period, about one month, and then went back to manual syncing and I did not lose any data.  My encouragement to the base of users is this:  back up, save, use time machine or manually back up to an external hard drive (EHD) to ensure your valuable information is saved.  Back to the original question - can you move the order of calendars in iCal, so if anyone has found a solution that does not include iCloud, I'd still like to hear about it.