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Macbook Pro in recovery mode - I am trying to recover my safari bookmarks, idisk data and stickies data but cannot find ~Library while in recovery mode.  My startup disk became full and quit on me.  Stuck on gray screen with apple logo or prohibitory sign.   Able only to launch in recovery mode and connect to my imac.  I was able to recover my photos and documents.  I cannot seem to find my Library files under "users".  Any help is appreciated.


Also, my idisk didn't sync apparently (after overhauling/organizing last week - of course) and the latest local idisk I have is from two weeks ago.  Any advice/help also appreciated. 


And no, my Time Machine wasn't working so can't reboot to a Time Machine backup.


Really just interested in bookmarks and stickies data at this point.  Will take my medicine on the idisk situation, I suppose.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)