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I recently sold my Macbook Pro and reinstalled the OS for the new owner however when I login to find My iPhone I can still see the mac connected, the Mac is not showing the location but I have the option to remote wipe it.


I need to remove the device from my list but there is no option, I read it should appear after some time but it does not, I removed my iPad1 and old iPhone from the list but this does not.


Please help!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), iCloud
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    If you wiped your mac before selling it, you may need to wait until the new owner registers it for use with find my mac with their own iCloud account.

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    Go to icloud.com > Find My iPhone. You should see your old Mac as offline in the list of devices. Click on the x button to delete it and confirm. (I just did it for the MacBook Air I sold recently and it solved the issue.)

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    I have a similar problem. I sold my iMac, of course wiping it before doing so. I can still see the Mac on my "Find my iPhone" list, however I am unable to remove it if it is offline or online. The "X button" to delete it is unavilable when viewing from the iCloud website. If I use my iPad or iPhone to access Find my iPhone, I am able to remove it by swiping and then pressing delete, however it will eventually reappear. Even stranger, I can see the new name assigned to the iMac by the new owner. If the computer is online, no functions work, such as remote wipe or finding the location. I'd really like to remove this off my list if possible.

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    See my answer above, some macs aren't removed from find my mac when they are wiped.

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    Thanks, the only reason I had the follow up question is because I can see the new owner's name, something I had not seen mentioned before on this or other threads. I appreciate the assistance.

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    I am having the same exact issue. I have not been able to find a good solution to it yet. Apple does not have any articles on what to do in a situation like this. The only thing I can think of is having the user login with another iCloud account or going back and logging in on the original account reenabling and then disabling again. If that info is not stored in software on the HDD it must be somewhere in the firmware. I would like to see a solution to this.

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    I am having this same issue. I wiped the computer clean and sold it. Now I'm seeing the owners name for the computer even though it also says location services is turned off. It shows as "online" which I can only interpret as it being "on". It looks like I can still remote lock this computer, make it play a sound, and even erase it. It feels creepy. And I really could ruin the new owners day were I a nefarious person.


    I feel like this is a pretty big deal. I should be able to excommunicate with this device without access to it. With resale common for Apple products, this needs to be fixed.

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    Log into iCloud and select "Find my iPhone". Click on the item in the dropdown list. At the very bottom of that item's page will be a small link to remove it from iCloud.

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    This will only temporarily remove the device if it is offline. Once that device comes back online, it's visible again. What we're looking for is a permanent solution to remove a device off the list that is no longer in our possession.

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    The ONLY way to get it off the list is to log out of "Find my mac" or "Find my iphone" on the device when you remove it from iCloud its gone till it goes online again as Sterbacblu say.


    If you sold to a friend or someone you know its easy to fix just meet up with them and remove it.


    If you sold to someone online you dont know contact them and ask them to let you log on with Teamviewer or any other remote desktop they will be able to see what you are doing while you remove it but will never get your password to iCloud.


    Last case should be to contact apple but i dont think they would ever remove any device from an icloud account.

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    I had the same problem and I found out that you have to reset the PRAM on the computer to get it done.

    On iPhones logging out will do it but not on macs.


    I was lucky and still had the buyers email address so I could contact him and ask him to reset the PRAM. After that it dissapeared forever and won't come back anymore.


    How to reset PRAM

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    I have the same problem. I sold my mac mini a few years ago.
    Delete it from: https://supportprofile.apple.com/
    Find My iPhone And sometimes I get ... I erase the X.
    Months later like today, I re-enter and me appears.
    Not to do and why.