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When runing Windows 7 in a native bootcamp partition you may have experienced issues when trying to pair android devices, audio sinks, headsets, etc. For earlier Mac models (2010 and earlier) the workaround consisted in using the broadcom drivers released by Acer or HP. However, the later 2011 models including MBA mid 2011, Macbook Pro and iMac will not allow you to install those drivers. Neither will Broadcom oficial updater recognize your bluetooth built in device.

The good news: after several weeks googling and installing/uninstalling pretty much every available driver on the internet I managed to have all my bluetooth devices wroking on Windows 7 x64 (bootcamp partition) on my MBA MID 2011.


You have at least 3 options


     1.- Bluesoleil Stack: Altugh the chip is not offitially supported you can get it "brut force" recognized. This is described here:



     2.- Toshiba Stack: The version 8.0 works pretty good specially for Audio devices the audio quality is pretty the best you will get. Same as above you need to force the recognition of your chip

               The toshiba stack (30 days trial)



     3.- Thank again to Acer (and not to Apple) we can get also a fully functional profile in a hardware we have paid a lot of money for. BUT WARNING! here you SHOULD NOT install the drivers!. Install only the utility suit instead. Pay carefull attention or you will get a blue screen and you will need to uninstall the drivers in safe mode or even have to do a clean Windows install. Uninstall all your paired BT devices (except for Magic Mouse and or keyboard you can leave them paired)


          a.- Download the drivers




          b.- Unzip the file and explore the following folder


              \Bluetooth(4.0)_Atheros_7.4.0.96_W7x64\Bluetooth_Suite_win7.  Run Win764.exe or Win732 according to your OS.

               Let the software install and restart.


          c.- Pair your devices and enjoy!!!.


Options 1 and 2 (Bluesoleil and Toshiba Stack) are good options however they are paid-off softwares but what could be more important for many useres is that they completely override the Microsoft bluetooth stack and therefore Apple devices (like magic mouse) will loose some functionality I wasn't able to get the touch scrolling or the gestures working with those stacks. The 3th option however will not completeley override the Microsoft stack (used by Apple's drivers) and therefore Apple Magic mouse will work perfectly. The Atheros bluetooth suit will only add the requiered protocols and make them interact with the Microsoft stack. The disadvantage of the latest is that the audio quality is not even close as the one you are gonna get with the Toshiba stack and not say about configurability...


I hope I will save some of you some time and many headaches. 

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