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I have a Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server and are using a VPN service.


My services on the mac os x sls server are: AFP, DNS, Firewall, Open Directory, SMB and VPN.

I can connect the VPN from Mac clients and Windows 7 clients, but I can only map a network drive/share point on Mac´s.


On Windows 7 I get an error: path or name not found ( I am sure using the correct path, same from Mac client that works).


When I am using my internal network LAN I can map a network drive using Windows 7 and Mac but outside over a VPN not (only Mac works).


The only service, at this moment,  that I need is File Sharing outside my network LAN using a VPN.


How can I map a network drive from a Windows 7 client using a VPN, is there any Firewall rules / SMB rules / File Sharing rules that I missed on the server side?


Thank You.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MAC and Windows 7 clients
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    I found this link useful. It shows you how to setup your client VPN connection and map a network drive (share point) on a windows client computer.


    http://www.macworksinc.com/guides/connect-to-a-mac-server-share-point-with-windo ws-7-via-vpn/

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    Thank you for your help.

    I also have tried this tutorial but no chance (same error after VPN connectiuon with W7), did you tried it?


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    Yes, I tried it from a friend's computer and it worked. The only problem that I had was knowing what to type for the shared name. I finally realized Windows needed the "\\" to make the file share work.


    Typed it in the format of: "\\server's local IP\share point name" -> "\\10.0.10.xxx\Public"

    and it loaded up and worked wonderfully (after the VPN had successfully connected [using the directions I posted earlier]).^^

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    Thank you again!


    As I said I have tried it several times and it doesn`t work for me.

    My connections to the server are working fine for Mac's and for W7' just the folder mapping does not work  on W7's.


    Are you the server administrator?


    On the server side (Mine is a OSX 10.6.8), is there any special settings on SMB or Firewall that you use to allow W7's connect thru a VPN to access SMB?



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    No, I'm not a server administrator. Just a guy trying to get his home server up and running.


    I didn't open up any special ports, though. I'm using an Airport Extreme and I just used the Sever app to add VPN to the port forwarding. I'm not even sure which ports that specifically includes, actually...

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    I really don't know what are going wrong with my settings. As you said/write it must be an easy setup.


    I'm using a Time Capsule and used the Server app to add VPN to the port forwarding also.


    When I am connected thru the VPN I tried to ping the Server IP and got no answer from it, from W7 client!?

    My Mac's are just working fine with AFP and SMB share points thru the VPN.


    I think I have missed some settings from the SMB or Firewall services for VPN with W7 client's or it is a Windows issue.....