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I have a Mac Mini Snow Leopard Server and are using a VPN service.


My services on the mac os x sls server are: AFP, DNS, Firewall, Open Directory, SMB and VPN.

I can connect the VPN from Mac clients and Windows 7 clients, but I can only map a network drive/share point on Mac´s.


On Windows 7 I get an error: path or name not found ( I am sure using the correct path, same from Mac client that works).


When I am using my internal network LAN I can map a network drive using Windows 7 and Mac but outside over a VPN not (only Mac works).


The only service, at this moment,  that I need is File Sharing outside my network LAN using a VPN.


How can I map a network drive from a Windows 7 client using a VPN, is there any Firewall rules / SMB rules / File Sharing rules that I missed on the server side?


Thank You.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MAC and Windows 7 clients